Are we in the habit of measuring a man by his watch?  5 Comments


It is a curious thing that this question had lay dormant with me for some time and had almost forgotten it altogether until I read this article that I found most interesting reading.
I believe that man unconsciously try to pigeon hole, identify and measure the people around them. One measure that seems to occur most often is to measure a person's success by outward appearances. Whether its clothes, pen in his pocket, the mobile phone he uses, the car he drives - or the watch on his wrist.
My lady friends had it right from the start - the true nature of a man is found written all over his shoes. What he wears on his feet, how he wears it and what condition its in tells a lot about the man.
But between men, rightly or wrongly our initial impression is made from our observation of the trinkets and luxuries we wear. As a famous fashion designer once said, luxury watches today are jewelry for men. So we really cannot seem to help ourselves from measuring each other by our watches.
But unlike the shoe observation - the wristwatch will prove to be a poor measure. There will be just as many middle class gents who own and wear Pateks as there will be those super rich who have them but prefer to wear something pedestrian like a Seiko. Not to mention of course the confusing situation of those wearing the very accurate replica or fake watches.
So my advice is - consciously avoid making conclusions and assumptions about others by their watches. Chances are you would be quite wrong.
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