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Singapore Press Holdings launched a new magazine on watches for women called 24/7 earlier in Sept this year. While it claims to be the first "English language Watch Magazine for Women", technically that claim goes to CAKE magazine - by the publishers of the respected Revolution magazine. Revolution has garnered a world wide distribution and is translated into foreign languages for the international market. Cake has yet to achieve the same level of success but it was certainly the first English watch magazine for women in Singapore.
For an island of over 6 million people, we are certainly well serviced by at least one dozen local and regional watch magazines and another dozen internationally. Our market seemed insatiable for all things pertaining to watches early last year but with the financial crisis yet to see the beginning of the end, it is rather surprising that SPH would launch a magazine in such troubled times.
Notwithstanding, CAKE and 24/7 has recognised that there is a growing sophistication of women collectors in Singapore and the region and the time is ripe to harvest these collectors as subscribers for the new magazine.
To read the press release, just click on the image on the right.

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