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This report had been delayed for some months now as I found myself rather at odds with it. While it took me some time to process the photographs - I kept wanting to put off writing and publishing the report. I had earlier reported my views of the watch although I had not yet publish my images.

There was after all much fanfare heralding the launch of the HM3, a watch that had been covered by almost all the important watch magazines and forums. The HM3 was an attempt to break with the norm by pushing the boundaries of how to tell time with a two cut-off cone displays. A watch that crys out for attention and for those who seek cutting edge design. Priced at over 100,000SGD, its not for the faint of heart as well.

A watch which I had looked forward to viewing and photographing. It is exciting and ground breaking in terms of design but it does not ring out to me like a Vianney Halter Antiqua does - in terms of being a design piece. Possibly it could be that I am a classicallist and that a watch should be able to provide the wearer effortless means to read the time. I think the HM3 is the hardest to read of all the models offered by Max Busser.

But I am beginning to see a niche market of collectors who do not buy watches to tell time but to be seen as having something definitively special and identifiable from the rest of the collectors. I think this watch is targetted for that audience.

But does it deserve its price tag and all the attention it has received? Look for yourself and be the judge. Click on the image to see the collection of images.

- HT



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