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Over the weekend, three highly respected independent
watchmakers was in town to meet up with fans, collectors and
potential clients on the invitation of The Hour Glass. Its
their regular tour of the region that includes Singapore,
Malaysia and Bangkok. On their first stop, over a hundred
guests were treated to a great dinner at the Garibaldi's.
There the lastest offerings from Kari Voutilainen, Roger
Smith and Vianney Halter were also featured.

During the evening where all the watchmakers were busy
with questions from collectors, I managed to find a few
moments of their time to photograph portraits of two of the
watchmakers - Vianney and Roger - as well as
images to create the cover shots above.

It was a great disappointment for me to miss Kari
but I am sure I will get another chance in the near future.

For a comprehensive photo report of the evening,
check out THIS REPORT by my friend, Raphmeister.

The last image here is a family portrait of Vianney with his beautiful daughter Victoire Halter.


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Rolex clearly has a strong grip on collectors that support the brand and the lastest developments seems to indicate that its influence will continue to grow. Recent past had seen little changes both in its line up as well as pricing structure. However in 2007, in a step to move with the times, Rolex announced the start of their incremental change to its important models with a completely reworked GMT 2.
The most distinctive element of this watch is the new ceramic bezel which I had thought was Rolex's take on the trend to use ceramics in watches. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the bezel with the new font had modernised its classic diver watch design. All round, the watch hardly bears any resemblance to its earlier sibling in terms of both materials, design and function. Now rated deeper with the triplock system borrowed from the submariner series, the bigger and heavier case sits very nicely on the wrist without being too big as many had originally feared. The bracelet is now completely solid with a completely new clasp that has a double locking mechanism.
The retail price of this watch jumped by at least 30% from the previous model - while substantial, it looks very much worth the amount judging by the overall quality of the watch. Clearly it is no longer a mere tool watch but a high spec luxury sports diver's watch.
For many Rolex fans, the long wait for this model comes as an exciting addition to the brand. As a precursor, it certainly gave fans something to savour before the arrival of the new Deep Sea Dweller due to be delivered at the end of the year.
In the meantime, for fans of the GMT2, you can download a series of wallpapers I have published on this Webpage.
- HT


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After having processed the images of this watch, I came to realise that this is the fourth time I have photographed the Datograph (in different colour models - twice of the platinum and once of the rose gold model in comparison with the Glashuette Original Panoretrograph). Its probably an unconcious choice for me to return to photograph what I consider to be the most beautiful choronograph movement in the world (I would like to say the most beautiful movement by far but I have not photographed that many - yet).

While I believe that one day I will have this watch on my wrist, the ongoing internal debate I have is which guise should it be. The current variation of only two metals - platinum with black and white subdial and the rose gold with white dial. Both are to me, conjure different emotions. The platinum is the original, stealth, heavy yet distinctly Lange. The rose gold is far more genteel and for some reason, somewhat more refined to the eye compared to the platinum.

The PISA is an aberration of the design that is a beautiful combination of platinum with silver dial. It reminds me of the Patek 5070 for some reason. But for me, its a beautiful watch and I would like to congratulate and thank the owner for letting me photograph it (he asked to remain anonymous).

Check out the photomontage here to see the watch for yourself and for Datograph fans, just remember that there are only ten of these in the world.

- HT


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A new brand called Maitres du Temps created an alliance of three renowned master watchmakers Roger Dubuis, Christopher Claret and Peter Speake-Marin to work on its first watch - the Chapter One which was publically launched here in Singapore at a dinner on Monday 16th June.
The watch is huge in its proportions but the size was needed to house the many complications put into it. The functions include a tourbillon, choronograph, retrograde hands and two revolving cylinders for the moonphase and day indicators.

Here is an image of Roger Dubuis himself modeling the watch for me.

For a complete report of the launch event of this watch, CLICK HERE to see Tay Kok Choon's wonderful and comprehensive coverage including his fantastic images of the Chapter One.


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Lange Datograph PISA Desktop Wallpaper
Over the past weekend, a few collector friends came together over a nice lunch to chat about watches and to show me a very rare Lange Datograph. Its the PISA Limited Edition. PISA is an Italian Authorised Dealer that commissioned only 10 such pieces. Its a platinum case with silver (rhodium plated) dial - unlike any of the two dials on the existing Datograph line (white on the rose gold, black on the platinum).

On a nice deep brown crocodile strap, the watch is different yet the same. Gone is the stark contrast of the white subdial with the black on the platinum model. For me, this is still the most desirable chronograph in the market today. The movement architecture and finishing is still the standard for others to be measured.

Come by again soon to see the rest of the images I captured in a photomontage, later in the week. In the meantime, feel free to download the wallpaper above.
As always, please download only if you agree to my terms of use - which is to respect my copyrights and use it for yourself only and not to alter or republish it anywhere.

- HT


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A Dutch expatriate engineer working here in Singapore contacted me earlier this year requesting me to shoot his Dutch watch - a Van Der Klaauw. A brand which apparently was once available here in Singapore sometime ago. This piece however was acquired by him directly from Van Der Klaauw.
The watch he showed me is the Ariadne in stainless steel. This watch is a Full Calendar also comes in rose gold as well. The movement is a relatively standard Valjoux 7751 while not a spectacular movement is nonetheless clean and well executed and exhibited. The dial is handmade by Jochen Benzinger.
VDK started with designing and building clocks in 1967 and became a member of the AHCI in 1990 but in 1992 he decided that watches were the way forward.
Click Here to see the other image I have of this watch.
- HT


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Compared to the Dream Watch No.1, one would be forgiven to believe that the No.2 looks conservative. However, one has to handle it and try it on to realise the presence it commands as well as the details that went into the design and manufacture.
With a new silicon tourbillon located on the back, this perpetual calendar with DeBethune's renowned 3D moon comes with sapphire crystal hands as well as the now familiar skeleton lugs.
A true collector's timepiece with very limited numbers being produced yet with all the innovative features one would come to expect from DeBethune.
To view the images I have published CLICK HERE for the photomontage.
- HT


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The Richemont luxury goods empires controlled by the Rupert family of South Africa came about in a very unlikely manner; click here to read the full story.



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The first time I saw this watch I was immediately was struck by how it looked like a minature space ship from another world. Like a movie prop from Speilberg's "Batteries Not Included" movie featuring minature flying saucers.
This is not to say that the watch is like a toy, far from it. On closer inspection, the quality of workmanship in finishing and design is still very much DeBethune. A company that is unafraid to innovate in terms of both mechanical function as well as aesthetics.
Apart form the immediate impact of the very high polished surfaces, is the 3 dimensional moon previously seen in DeBethune's Perpetual Calendars and the new funky solid balance wheel located at 6 o'clock above the moonphase. The winding crown is located at the top at 12 o'clock but the additional mechanical innovation is its moveable lower lugs that shifts according to the user's wrist shape. All these innovations makes this watch stand out from mainstream models released this year.

Check out my Photomontage here to see these elements up close.

- HT


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This weekend I managed to photograph a privately owned Langematik Perpetual (Mr L Phang) that was just delivered. A rose gold black dial version made specially for Sincere Watch Singapore. Truly stunning timepiece in the metal and the movement to the usual Lange standard - exquisite.

Instead of just images or photomontage I put together a movie of several of my images of the watch. Click Here to view the 6 mb wmv file. If you have a slow connection, do be patient, I believe you will not be disappointed.

- HT
POSTSCRIPT - For those who are fans of this watch, you may download a wallpaper of this watch from this link. Please note that your downloading of this file is your acceptance to my terms of use - which is to use the image for your desktop wallpaper only and not to amend it or use it in any other way (including passing it along or hosting it in other locations).


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