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In a very interesting report found in linked below, there appears to be a new trend for some watchmakers to provide a new service that assembles or fabricate watches to one's own custom design. This appears to be the rebirth of the concept of mass-customisation. A concept that was developed during the dotcom boom for those who wanted for example, a very personalised pair of Levi's jeans with shape, colour thread, fade spots etc. Similarly, it appears that the brands featured in the CNET report shows that the brands offer the customers a choice of a variety of movements, dials and bezels.
However, the report also mentions that Vacheron Constantin started offering complete customisation services back in December 2006 - for their well heeled customers (for US$1 million and up).

Will such services and manufacturing processes for the customer catch on in a big way with other brands? I have my doubts. Brand managers want to create an identity for their watches and they need to look as if they are capable of bringing into the market newer, better and more exciting designs. If they allowed such a process, then the established manufacturing and marketing machinery will need to be overhauled. So, while the concept is great and caters to the more well heeled as well as those who want uniqueness, I have doubts that it will work. Afterall, if I had a truly unique custom made watch on my wrist from Brand X, who is stopping you from customising exactly the same piece with that Brand?
Unless of course, you have a cool million to spend on a special customised piece - possibly with a condition that Vacheron will not remake your special one off design.

Design your own watch without leaving home CNET


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I have completed a report covering 10 brands that exhibited at Basel this year, including the big boys like Patek Philippe and Breguet, while not forgetting some of the smaller independents like H. Moser and De Bethune. Click on the Baselworld logo to read the report.



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Its with great pleasure for me to share with you the official images of the new limited edition TEMPUS U1 which I received today. While these are computer generated images of how the watch will look like, I am rather pleasantly surprised how close my mock-up images are (see the post below). It has been confirmed that the black hardened or Tegimented case in MATT black finish with Orange highlights. The clasp will probably be black tegimented as well which is excellent as the original U1 deployant was not scratch resistant. The caseback will be similar to the original U1 save for the additional information of "The HourGlass Limited 250".

The image below is a more accurate rendition of the model based on the information here.


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When the U1 was first released I thought that the U Series will do well if they had a model with a blackened case. I even took the liberty of suggesting this to both Sinn President, Mr Lothar Schmidt and HourGlass's Exec Director, Mr Michael Tay. To my pleasant surprise, they are going to produce this year, a limited run of my suggested design.

The images here are my efforts in creating quick digital mock ups of how the new SINN U1 Tempus Limited Edition could look like. Do note that these are unauthorised photoshopped images are of my own U1 with third party strap. The new Tempus U1 will continue to have the standard black silicone rubber strap. I have not received full specifications of watch apart from the following.

It has been confirmed that the new TEMPUS U1 cases will be black hard coated or tegimented (a process patented by Sinn) which will make the case highly resistent to scratching. To get an idea how the watch will look, I photoshopped my watch with a blackened case. Here are two possible looks of the new watch.

On the top left mock up image, all the markers are in brilliant orange. On the top right mock up image, only the original red parts of the markers are changed over to orange. Both in my opinion looks outstandingly good. I suspect however that the the latter will probably be the final production model. A close mock up is shown below of what I think will ultimately be the probable production model.

Unfortunately, there will only be 250pcs of the new TEMPUS U1. As this watch is part of the Hour Glass TEMPUS event in September this year, delivery will take place either on or after the event itself. Hour Glass informed me that they have already received overwhelming response from collectors placing orders entirely blind - so hopefully my mock ups are of some help. I believe collectors will not see this model on the shelves judging how well the standard U1 has already caught the market.

POST-POSTSCRIPT - Hour Glass has re-confirmed that the new TEMPUS U1 crown will not be at 10 but at 4 like the standard U1. Also the case and dial will be in deep matt black unlike the mock up here. The SINN logo on the dial will also be orange.


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At three times over its estimated value, the whole process has been a great success for Antiquorum and Omega. This event underscores the wealth of following for the brand and the historical pieces that are held close to the hearts of collectors. Even the more recent modern pieces are now considered valueable for reasons as mundane as being worn by Daniel Craig the new James Bond. The Planet Ocean that he wore in the movie (which he wore at least two seamasters in different guises) was sold to a collector who bitterly bid against others for a princely sum of CHF250,250. Having seen the collection myself when it was in Singapore and knowing what new models are in store for release by Omega, the SWATCH Group that owns Omega has great designs for the brand for the next few years to out compete and hopefully outdo their competitors. This Antiquorum auction success underscores their coming success. Congratulations to both Omega and Antiquorum.
To read more about the Antiquorum auction, check out their PRESS RELEASE.
(image above from Antiquorum)


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Here is the photomontage of the LUC TECH TWIST. I found this watch especially interesting to photograph due to the unconventional tone of the movement metal. The dial is also interesting due to its textures and colours. The watch wears handsomely on the wrist. For those prefering 41mm cases this LUC will please. The overall finishing of this watch is characteristically LUC - amongst the very best from Switzerland. What is clearly unusual here is the blackened movement metal. Its unique and quite stunning in real life.
Unfortunately, this watch is part of the Sincere World Exclusive Collection - so there are only 99 remaining pieces available - as this is No.1 sold to a good friend and gentleman collector.

To view the photomontage CLICK HERE.


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During this exciting week where all attention is focussed on BASEL and SIHH, I was kindly invited this weekend by a renowned and respected collector to photograph this very unusual and special Chopard. Its my first photography session with one of LUC's new designs. Unlike its famed Claiber 1.96, the case on this watch is a more fashionable 40mm. Its quite photogenic and has lots of details to work with. Come back soon to see it!


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I have been receiving several emails about problems with the comments function on my blog. I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve this. Apparently the problem arose due to the upgrade/updating of Blogger services. As an interim solution until a new redesign of my blog (and possibly a move to a new service), I am considering setting up a very basic forum service for feedback on the posts here. More about this later when I manage to set it up. Meanwhile, my apologies for the setback for my blog fans.
UPDATE! - Problem solved! I found a script that allowed me to amend my blog template and now the comment link is found at the bottom of each new post. So, I will shelve the idea of supporting this blog with a forum - unless of course there is an overwhelming demand from fans here. ;-)


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In March this year, I finally took delivery of the MIH watch I ordered last year. It has since been on my wrist and enjoying its teutonic understated looks. I am waiting for a new crocodile strap which I expect will enhance the look and enjoyment of the watch even further. This watch is unmistakeable. Classic and easily identifiable on the wrist by fans and collectors - yet for non collectors, its just another timepiece.

I have taken some shots of this watch and am happy to share with fans a desktop wallpaper. Click the image here and it will provide you with a 1024x768 sized jpeg format for you to download onto your computer. Hope you like the image.
POSTSCRIPT: I posted on this thread on two other wallpapers worth downloading if you are a MIH fan. CHECK THEM OUT HERE.


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This is GP's Minute Repeater Tourbillon with a Westminister chime. This watch is a unique piece from the Sincere's World Exclusive Collection. The case is in Platinum which is desirable metal for its clarity in delivering a nice tone. The dial execution has the famed three bridges in the unique Opera shape. The bridges also bears a wave pattern which is unique to this limited edition piece. The key signature of this watch belonging to the Sincere World Exclusive collection is the engraved logo on the crown.
GP made only one piece for the collection and I am grateful to have the chance to photograph it at their Hilton Haute Horologerie Boutique.
To view the images of this wonderful and rare timepiece, CLICK HERE.

This watch was photographed with the kind courtesy of Sincere Watch Limited.


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In my search for solutions to secure my images against them being used illegally, I chanced upon a solution that allowed me to create screensavers. As an experiment, I have here a set of my images of the IWC Portuguese Repeater collated into a screensaver compatible for Windows XP.

Feel free to download it for your personal use but - NOTE - I make no warranties as to the quality or condition as well as the compatibility of this screensaver to your computer. If you do download it, do let me know your feedback.
To download, click to launch the link and save the file to a place on your PC - e.g. your temp folder. Locate the file in your explorer and right click and choose INSTALL.
To check its installation, right click on the desktop to see Properties and then locate Screensaver. It should have the file Iwcportperpet in the list.



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