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When the U1 was first released I thought that the U Series will do well if they had a model with a blackened case. I even took the liberty of suggesting this to both Sinn President, Mr Lothar Schmidt and HourGlass's Exec Director, Mr Michael Tay. To my pleasant surprise, they are going to produce this year, a limited run of my suggested design.

The images here are my efforts in creating quick digital mock ups of how the new SINN U1 Tempus Limited Edition could look like. Do note that these are unauthorised photoshopped images are of my own U1 with third party strap. The new Tempus U1 will continue to have the standard black silicone rubber strap. I have not received full specifications of watch apart from the following.

It has been confirmed that the new TEMPUS U1 cases will be black hard coated or tegimented (a process patented by Sinn) which will make the case highly resistent to scratching. To get an idea how the watch will look, I photoshopped my watch with a blackened case. Here are two possible looks of the new watch.

On the top left mock up image, all the markers are in brilliant orange. On the top right mock up image, only the original red parts of the markers are changed over to orange. Both in my opinion looks outstandingly good. I suspect however that the the latter will probably be the final production model. A close mock up is shown below of what I think will ultimately be the probable production model.

Unfortunately, there will only be 250pcs of the new TEMPUS U1. As this watch is part of the Hour Glass TEMPUS event in September this year, delivery will take place either on or after the event itself. Hour Glass informed me that they have already received overwhelming response from collectors placing orders entirely blind - so hopefully my mock ups are of some help. I believe collectors will not see this model on the shelves judging how well the standard U1 has already caught the market.

POST-POSTSCRIPT - Hour Glass has re-confirmed that the new TEMPUS U1 crown will not be at 10 but at 4 like the standard U1. Also the case and dial will be in deep matt black unlike the mock up here. The SINN logo on the dial will also be orange.



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