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The MB&F Legacy Machine watch series garnered a lot of interest from collectors because it heralded an interesting development in Swiss watchmaking. While it is not the first brand to attempt at merging old world classical watch building with modern design and approach that is able to give the character of a old watch yet using modern materials and production methods. The Legacy Machine No.1 brought dual time concept one step ahead with a single movement that allows two time zones to adjust not just the hours but the minutes as well. The Legacy Machine No.2 brought in production the old grail concept of double balance wheel to compensate for the effects of gravity (recently seen in the Dufour Duality timepiece )- instead of the more commonly seen tourbillon method.
The LM101 is MB&F's effort to bring a simpler model to its fans delivering a suspended balance wheel as before but this time with no complications. A watch with more modest intent and measurements. The beauty of this watch is in its overall character that clearly has its roots in the LM1 & 2. The high dome crystal provides the same sense of a miniature environment for the large oscillating balance wheel.  Sized at 40mm wide and 16mm high, this case is much more modest than its elder model (see the side by side below with the LM2) and just about capable of being a daily watch or even dress for evening wear.
The new MB&F Calibre was jointly developed with Kari Voutilainen, bringing together the best influences creating a watch that is truly distinctive from other watchmakers. One would even conclude the LM series is far removed from the design philosophy of the earlier MB&F watches. The movement finishing is of the standard collectors have come to expect from Kari Voutilainen.
 The LM101 will probably be one of the most exciting watches of 2014 for collectors and fans of the brand as production numbers will probably be higher and pricing considerably lower than LM1 and 2.

If you were in the market for a high horology three handed time only watch, should you consider this model? The answer would be, if you had been considering a Kari Voutilanen's own three handed watch, the LM101 is in the same price bracket and this model comes with one of the most interesting designed movement with a central floating balance wheel. Note however, the LM101 is expected to have the retail pricing of USD75,000.

However, if you are ever so fortunate to be able to consider acquiring the LM2, do not let the LM101 distract you. The LM2 is currently the only dual balance spring watch still available in the market today. Dufour only made a small hand full and FP Journe is not producing his dual balance wheel model. The dual balance wheel is a high complication that exists in these brands only. The only downside to the LM2 is that it is an enormous 44mm.

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