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The Horological Machine No.3 was finally shown here in Singapore after its creator Mr Max Busser travelled with the watch around the world to show it to interested collectors. Unlike the dinners where the previous HM1 and 2 watches were shown, it was an afternoon tea at Au Petit Salut.

The HM3 is actually a watch featured in two positions. The StarCruiser and Sidewinder. Featured on the right here is a white gold Sidewinder. The Starcruiser is the same watch but set in a position where the two cones are parallel to the wrist rather than perpendicular. The time is shown through the angled windows of the two cones.

Functionally this is a time only watch but its unique draw is its design and unique look which sets it apart from other watches. The HM3 is different from the earlier HM1 and 2 because of its automatic rotor is located on the dial side. However, there are cues to show its connection with the earlier models - namely the two cones here and the two subdials on the HM1 & 2.

This is a large watch and would feature best on men with large wrists. Alternatively, women could readily find it avante garde enough to be worn as a fashion accessory.

Unfortunately while the design is ground breaking and distinctive, functionality seems to have given way to form. The sidewinder model while pleasantly asymmetric, telling the time is not going to be simple nor easy - at least for a time until one get used to having to glance at two dials of the watch to read the time. I think the StarCruiser would probably be slightly easier to read between the two.
Further, one single aspect of the watch I would change would be balance wheel. Displayed on the dial side, it looked far too small for such a large watch. I would like to have seen a variant of the balance wheel from either HM1 or 2.
Nevertheless, MB&F continues to bring interesting pieces to market collaborating with renowned industry icons. I am already looking forward to next year's offerings.

Come back soon to see more of the watch.

- HT
Postscript - Thanks to Mr Dirk Janssen (top image) and Ms Francesca Landi for modeling the HM3 Sidewinder.



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