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Rumours of this had been circulating for some weeks prior to the official unveiling. Finally Lange unveiled the Lange 31 in Dresden last week.

Reaction to it has been mixed. Most observers have no doubt that the 31-day power reserve stored in two massive mainsprings, is a remarkable achievement, but are less kind to the design (uninspired?), size (46mm diameter and 230g weight) and price (about EUR130,000).
The Lange 31 is typical Lange based on the information I've seen so far - anachronistic, technical tour de force of the utmost quality - but I will wait till SIHH in Geneva before I pass final judgement on this watch.
Click here for more photos and the press release posted on ThePuristS News Central forum. Vigorous discussion of the Lange 31 can also be found on Lange forum of ThePuristS.
Thanks SJX for this most interesting update on an important new release from Lange. While I do have great desire for long power reserve watches and I am impressed with the great technological advances achieved to make this watch feasible, I think there will be very few who would be needing a 31 day power reserve watch for the sake of its long PR. So from that point of view, it looks like a solution looking for a problem.
The first edition of this watch has an understated dial and a huge case. The first being typcially German but the second is uncharacteristic. Understandably the movement is huge and needs a large case but typically, most will associate such huge cases with sports watches. Clearly this model is not a sports watch but neither is it a classic dress. Hence it will have problems with position itself in the market. I think the most idiosyncratic aspect of this model is the need for a huge key to wind the watch. The key is itself an engineering tool of perfection and not just a common key.
Notwithstanding my reservations, the world of luxury watches is less about functionality today and more about quality, desireability and rarity. In that regards, Lange - and this model - has these by the bags full.
I also note that my good friend and renowned watch expert Mr Peter Chong published a report on this monumental timepiece. In addition to SJX's report above, this report is also worthy of a look for Lange fans. To view it, CLICK HERE.



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