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APPLE, SAMSUNG, SONY etc... Please, if you really want your product to succeed, start by marketing your new product as SMART WRIST DEVICE. Stop calling it a watch just because the device tells the time - amongst the many functions it is designed for. My iPhone or any smartphone also tells the time too and it spends a lot of its time in my trouser pocket but its not called a pocketwatch. 
On the same logic, why is the iPhone still called a "Phone"?  In reality, it spends less than 2% of its time in use as being a phone but more of a connected device to access data, information and messaging etc. 
For the same reason, realise the market you are selling to is a market that wants a connected smart device. Not another watch. Just because it's on a wrist does not require it to be a watch. 
So do yourself a favour and sell them as "Smart Wrist Device". Design the device to be different and look different from a watch. That would be a start.



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