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MOVAS or Movements of Asia - is a venture undertaken by a local group of entrepreneur partners led by Sean Wai, a Singapore PR, trained as an architect who moved into the world of product design. The entity MOVAS has been around for a few years having enjoyed some success with its first generation of watches. A simple Google of the brand will show up several reviews and forum discussion of Movas watches from around the globe. The first model it marketed was the Movas GMT which is has been sold out of its limited run. The brand now carries 4 models. While the offerings are being expanded, Movas intends to remain - at least for now a low production house - up to 100 units per design variation. Despite being a brand explicitly using movements and parts from Asia (not just China), it has been able to progressively improved its quality control and choice of materials sourced.

Most recently, on 29th and 30th December, Movas showcased at the Fullerton Hotel, all its current production pieces as well as prototypes for models to be launched in the coming months. Three new models have caught the eye of some collectors - the new Oceaner (shown above), the Diver II and the Mecha I.

Shown here on the wrist of my good friend, Massi Landi, from left to right, the Oceaner, the Mecha I and the Diver II. The final image in the bottom is the original Diver I. 

On inspecting the prototype of the new models to be released in 2013, it was clear that Movas is taking design and quality control seriously and the watches are clearly well thought through. The aspect of original design cannot be faulted and clearly some of the models are fundamentally different from everything else being offered in the market today. However, there is one key issue about Movas that may be holding back the brand from further successes -  it is the use of Seagull movement. China made movements still suffer some prejudice by collectors all over. Fortunately, there is assurance that Movas has chosen the most reliable calibre as well as reasonably clean movement as seen through some case backs. Further Movas is also planning to create its own calibre to be made at the Seagull manufacture. It is anticipated by Movas that this step forward will help the improvement of the calibre performance and hopefully assist in collectors to overcome their concerns as to quality - yet being able to keep the pricing of its watches competitive - despite the expected price increases in the coming year. For more information about Movas, visit their website here

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