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It has been several months since my last blog post and admittedly time has not been a luxury that allowed me to pursue my blogging though I have a phenomenal amount of watch images to process and report on. It may have been the self imposed demand of quality that stopped me from merely just publishing the events as well as candid snaps but I keep reminding myself that was not what I started out with this blog and as such will not compromise on image quality. Nevertheless, after months of being tied up with my primary profession, the Christmas holidays allowed me a short reprise for me to see if I can actually make use of the photographs taken over the months that passed. I decided to take the route in reverse and publish the more recent images working backwards.

As such, here is my photo report of already a well covered subject - the HM5 by MB&F. Fortunately the fact that so much has been written about this watch (even before its first of 66 to be delivered), it alleviates the pressure for me to provide extensive details about it. However it is worthwhile reporting that in my discussions with Max Busser over lunch about the HM5, the watch belies a genuine effort on his part to solve some of the mechanical hurdles. In particular the prism that had to be started from scratch when the first prototype just could not work - and the cost that goes into the production of it.

Having seen the images of the watch before I actually photographed it myself, inspecting it up close and even wearing it on the wrist. The immediate impression is that the watch is visually different in design from all other MB&F designs for its much more organic form. From the press kit images and other images from the net, one could easily (and mistakenly) conclude that this watch lacked the fine details of its previous models. However, I am happy to report that up close the HM5 has its own characteristics and most definitely polarises. There will not be middle ground opinions on this watch.   Some will complain of its time window. While others will appreciate the mechanical and optical solutions crafted to overcome the issues. Regardless of which camp you are in, it seems according to the Singapore retail agent, the Hour Glass, the demand for the watch has been overwhelming - despite the sticker price of over SGD80K.

The collage below was created by my images and my personal thanks to Mr Alan Teo of The Hour Glass for being my model with the watch. Click on the image to view it in full resolution.



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