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It is inevitable that knowledgeable and experienced collectors who had been collecting for many years, will begin to find today's watch prices unpalatable when compared with the prices of the same watches just a few years ago. With these street smart collectors, they are far more willing to return to the pre-owned market with confidence and far greater understanding of what they want and the prices of used beauties. For those who know what they are doing, there are still gems to be had and this is one instance of a valuable collectible found by an astute collector friend during a business trip overseas. Now completely restored one cannot imagine that this pocket watch is over 100 years old. Photographed here on top of the Lange reference book featuring the model a series of images of this wonderful timepiece and merged into a video for your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately not everyone will be able to find such wonderful pieces to add to a collection but it gives hope for those who are passionate about horology - that despite the escalation of prices, there are still gems out there to be had.

In any event, with the anticipated financial crisis looming in the near future, those looking for more recent models may consider holding on to their funds and start looking around the pre-owned market and for sale forums for potential bargains.  



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