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It would be a guaranteed sell out for sure. Worth a viewing for the entertainment value.

CLICK HERE for the high resolution version.


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On the 16th to 18th September 2011, GP hosted a short but very impressive exhibition of its historical collection of timepieces at the newly opened Art & Science Museum at the Marina Bay in Singapore. It is the first stop in a world wide tour of the watches of this much respected brand. GP still remains an independent brand that continues to provide its fans and customers with quality and in some instances, in my opinion, surpassing even the supposedly popular revered brands that the public are more familiar with. GP's three gold bridges continue to enamour both new and old collectors - once they study how well finished the movement of the tourbillons are.

At this exhibition, its not just the tourbillons that impressed visitors. Have a look at how comprehensive the historical collection of this watch marque.

CLICK HERE to view video of my photo report in 720p High Definition.


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Recently the new brand, Louis Moinet arrived in town to host a small reception to show off its timepieces at an art gallery in Singapore and to deliver its first piece - a Geograph Rainforest - to a Singaporean, none other than Dr Bernard Cheong.

The new brand has a very small annual output of watches and describes itself as purveyor of mechanical art pieces. The Geograph delivered to Dr Cheong features a petrified palm wood from Malaysia and each watch sold will result in a substantial contribution to the Pulau Banding Foundation - a foundation to support the protection of the tropical forest of Belum Temengor.


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For those who would like to see my images up close in full screen mode in 1080p -  Click HERE to play.


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While it has not been as frequent as in the past, I still get inspired by other's creativity to create images that brings out the best of the subject that I photograph. The LM1 is such a watch and due to its huge domed crystal, capturing the watch with minimal incident reflection was a monumental hurdle. Not to mention, I only had a very short time in a restaurant to do this! Fortunately for me, experience helps with such tough assignments and I succeeded to capture what I believe is the soul of this watch through a collage of images. Click on the image below to download a high resolution image. (Please Note the Copyright - All Rights Reserved)


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Today Max Busser hosted a small lunch for friends and collectors to show his new Legacy Machine No.1. This watch created quite a buzz on the Internet with keen collectors anticipating in agony and eagerly awaiting for yet another instalment of MB&F imaginative creations. The Legacy Machines series is a completely new line of watches from the Horological Machines series.

Even before the official release of of the embargo on the publication of the press kit photographs, several  fans and forums had already published images of the watch.

However, much to my pleasure, I believe this is the first time the watch is photographed on the wrist of its creator, Mr Max Busser. (Click on the image to view it in larger format)

More about the launch coming up in the next post here.


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