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ONLY WATCH 2011 is a bi-annual event where the top brands of horology craft rare singular pieces to be auctioned off for the proceeds to benefit the research on child muscular dystrophy. The watches are currently on tour to various cities around the globe and on its second stop after Bangkok, in Singapore on 30th August 2011, the event was hosted by The Hour Glass at the Malmaison boutique. Many of the renowned collectors around the region was seen at the Malmaison where there were many senior representatives of the brands were on hand to share information on the unique pieces being displayed. As expected all the items were displayed behind glass and no one was allowed to handle any of the prized watches. Here is a collage of my images taken at the event. Click on the image below to view it in full resolution.

For more information about the forthcoming international auction CLICK HERE.


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Every few months, a small group of collectors in Singapore gather to have good food and good horological conversations - all the while enjoying each other's timepieces worn to the event. The recent dinner in July was held at the Brazilian Restaurant at Sixth Avenue. The theme that evening was again two wristed watches - with Swiss on one and Non-Swiss on the other. Most of the usual suspects were there but a few new guests were invited to join. The collage below featured the wonderful watches that collectors wore that night. The most interesting of which were the IWC Portofino Moonphase and the restored Antique Lange pocket watch. Click on the images here to view them in full resolution.

- HT


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From June 24 to August 14, 2011, the Treasures of Vacheron Constantin Exhibition was in Singapore's National Museum. Here is a video montage of my photographs taken at the outstanding exhibition showcasing the history and rich collection of horological marvels of VC.


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The MIH watch was designed by Christian Gafner with its annual calendar engineered by by Ludwig Oechslin and made into reality by Paul Gerber. A deviously simple looking watch with the most austere look and finish with almost no sense of luxury - from its unpolished titanium case and buckle to its silicone rubber strap. Serious horologists - know and are familiar - with the names of Gafner, Oeschlin and Gerber. All of whom contributed their time and energy into this watch which was created to develop funding for the Musee International D'Horologerie or the International Museum of Horology.

The MIH watch has been featured on this blog several times and unashamedly both an owner of one and openly supporting this watch for both its purpose as well as appreciating the design and engineering behind it.

As such, when Mr Oeschlin visited Singapore as part of the UN team last month, I was very pleased to have the privilege to photograph Mr Oeschlin with my watch. 

The production numbers of this watch continues to be very small and sold only at the sole authorised dealers in Switzerland - Embassy. 


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In early July, the Ulysee Nardin CEO Mr Patrik Hoffman and Mr Ludwig Oeschlin visited Singapore to meet up with their authorised sole agents and a handful of collector friends. This was the first visit by two senior staff of the UN management team post the recent and sad passing of the much respected Mr Rolf Schnyder.

While Mr Oeschlin is not formally a staff member of UN, he remains an influential figure to the brand and retained as a consultant. He was the designer of the famed FREAK and continues to be involved in the development of that watch. He is currently the Conservatuer of the Musee International D'Horologerie (MIH) or the International Museum of Horology in Switzerland. Mr Patrik Hoffman was appointment was not sudden as Rolf's team had been looking for a replacement CEO for some time and Hoffman had been with UN since 1999.

At this visit to Singapore, Patrik brought along a number of new exciting pieces to show the authorised dealer as well as collectors. Of these new pieces, this mock up had the most attention.

Ludwig was very kind to agree to model this timepiece on his wrist for me.

The visit was an opportunity for collectors to listen to the history and the future direction of UN and for serious horologists - Ludwig gave a short lecture on how he designed a mechanical calendar - a complex mathematical process. Clearly the leadership transition had been executed without much difficulty and collectors will continue to be excited about the research and development direction of its new complications in the near future.

- HT


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Worthy of being in the Guiness Book of Records, Brietling sponsored Rossy flies over the Grand Canyon in his 6ft fixed wing strapped to his back powered by kerosene jets. 


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