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Just days before the Basel 2011, Hamilton has kindly cleared my publishing of the new models to be launched at the international exhibition. It was a great honour for us here in Singapore and especially for me to be able to photograph and release the new models evens before it was officially launched. There was at least a dozen models this year - all of which fall into nostalgic themes. These mechanical timepieces were taken out of the ETA stable of movements belonging to the Swatch Group but a few had important and significant improvements made. The key thing to note that for Hamilton watches, the market intended is not for those who demanded high horology but for those who want history, reliability and good functional design - with the important ingredient of quality finish balanced with honest and fair pricing. The overall quality of these watches have come a long way from a few decades ago of early Hamilton and now these well designed pieces would not be out of place in serious collector's box of watches. The highlight pieces for me are the chronographs featured here. But what was exciting to all of us at the lunch was that we were informed that the list prices of most of these new models are at about S$2800 and they are due to arrive in the third quarter of 2011.  More information on these models to follow.

Meanwhile, CLICK on the image to view it in large format to see the details.

- HT

(CORRECTION - The bottom right image of the PVD Chronograph is actually a model from BASEL2010 which belonged to My Dylon Lin the Hamilton Sales Exec)


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On March 11th Hamilton hosted a sumptuous lunch for a small group of respected collectors at the OTTO Restaurant at the RedDot. The lunch was intended for collectors here to have a peek at the Basel 2011 offerings from Hamilton. The brand famous for its Ventura line of watches seen in many Hollywood movies had more than a dozen new models for the lunch party to savour. On hand from Hamilton was Ms Tina Lee the VP of the brand in Singapore, Mr Vivian Augsburger the Regional Sales Manager and Mr Dylon Lin a Sales Executive.

While the brand is not unfamiliar to most, Hamilton is not readily considered as the normal brand of choice for many especially for new buyers or collectors. Even the collectors who attended the lunch was surprised at how much more sophisticated Hamilton has progressed over the recent years. Even in name it hails from the US, its now a Swiss company under the umbrella of the Swatch Group. What was a pleasant surprise was the approach it has to its market and watch making. For this year's new novelties, they will be launching several series of watches as remakes of the models from the past (more about that later). The selection was so wide that everyone had their own favourites from the Hamilton range this year. But there was a few sure fire winners. Suffice to say for now - a few were so impressed with the models, several orders were made.

The lunch at OTTO Restaurant was a perfect location for such an event. Small and intimate surroundings for a a party of 12 with a menu so sinful that would more readily be fitting for an evening meal. Truly an enjoyable restaurant for both its food, service and ambience. Click on the image to view it in large format to appreciate the details.

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Seiko announced that it is now the official watch partner of FC Barcelona - the world famous football club from Spain. As an internationally renowned football club, Seiko seems to have made a huge marketing coup to enter into a long term partnership with the world class football club. According to the press release, Seiko dedicated the Sportura line with the emblem of FC Barcelona on the dial. No mention whether they would be on a specific model or the whole line. At the club, Seiko branding will be seen in many of the club's stadium time keeping clocks.

Seiko, like many top notch Japanese brands (save for a small handful of household names) are not known for their marketing prowess. Many serious watch collectors continue to wonder why the brand is so shy in their willingness to market the quality of their Grand Seiko watches. It could well be that Seiko has never intended to develop the Grand Seiko as a global brand with huge supplies to retailers. To maintain its very special quality finishing requires very highly skilled labour and even in Japan, such supply is not easy to come by. Seiko however has several layers of models between the Grand Seiko to Sportura - all designed to reach out to different market segments.

But with this partnership, Seiko clearly has indicated to the world that the Sportura range is an important series to warrant the investment to bring it to the world stage.  At the very least, it will bring the model line into the forefront of FC Barcelona supporters and all soccer fans that follow the Spanish league. That alone I think is a coup that will make many marketing heads in Switzerland sit up.

- HT


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