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Early this year I blogged about the astronomical growth of watch replica sites. This week, Yahoo News reports that the US authorities have shut down dozens of websites offering counterfeit goods and pirated music. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, said ICE had "executed court ordered seizure warrants against a number of domain names." This included just one watch counterfeiting website - - where the URL now points to an image (see below) that announces their enforcement of the provisions under the US Federal Law. 

As mentioned in my earlier blogpost comments - one strategy to make it harder for watch counterfeiters or any counterfeiters is to go after the domain names. Is this the start of a more forceful effort to stop such criminal activity? I believe its the first salvo from the ICE to all counterfeiters that they intend to press with prosecutions more forcefully in the near future. However, I hope to see the brands taking the lead in such matters rather than leaving it to the state enforcement agencies. With billions being lost to counterfeiters, luxury brands need to figure out soon how to effectively protect their brand names.

- HT


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The NYT/IHT published an interesting report about the business strategy of MB&F a couple of days ago. The brand itself has a growing faithful following but Max Busser the CEO was not satisfied with just having the current customers.Every year since formation of the brand, Max would be flying to the main markets of his watches. He has clearly indicated that Asia is his biggest market and now working in partnership to have a retail presence in Beijing.

The most useful lesson for other independent watchmakers is to have more authorised retailers than the supply of limited editions. That would - presuming there is high demand for the watches - cause retailers to literally beg for additional orders to be filled.

Would that strategy work in the long run? At least in the short term where in the immediate future, most brands are reconsidering their relationships with their retailers and many have already opened up their own boutiques rather than to rely on retailers to push their watches. So retailers will be working hard to keep their suppliers happy.

With the downturn retail markets, retailers are being challenged to remain relevant and competitive. What should be their strategy in such a market situation? They need to capitalise on their customer base and develop an even stronger relationship by providing value services such as concierge services and turn around to deliver watches both new and older designs quicker to the more wealthy customer. So they have to work harder and be more effective to see themselves as a service industry rather than in the business of sales of luxury products. 

- HT


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IWC Singapore launched the new Yacht Club with sytle yesterday at the Marina Keppel Bay with a two part event. The first being a cruise on two 40ft sailboats (and a ocean going trimaran that served as the mothership for transfering between the two smaller boats) around the Singapore harbour and the second part with an evening dinner at the Prive Restaurant at the club Marina Keppel Bay.

For the cruise, each crew consisted of 8 guests and whilst most of the guest had little or no sailing experience, each boat was helmed by experienced sailors who have sailed round the world. Guests as you shall see were provided with bright red crew t-shirts and the all familiar IWC caps.

We sailed from 3pm to sunset. Glad to report that no one got wet nor anyone fell overboard! Kudos to IWC for yet another creative launch.


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