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I am pleased to publish here my series of images of the new MBF2 that is slated for its first delivery in 2008.

This watch is quite phenomenal in concept and execution. I am so very pleased that Max Busser the brainchild of the brand and its namesake, had kindly let me photograph his prototype. This specific piece did not have the requisite double sided anti reflective coating on the crystal which was intended to make the blue cloud float over the dial on the left.

I am sure when the model gets delivered, there will be very proud owners. The expected list price is to be somewhere in the vicinity of S$100k. In terms of complications, this watch sports a double moon face, with retrograde minutes - nothing notable in itself but these functions are made with such fine quality like the actual date change and speed of retrograde jump has to be seen to be appreciated.

To view the photomontage of this watch, CLICK HERE.


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Girard-Perregaux has donated a special piece "Virtus White" to raise funds for the ANF to help the poor in Nicaragua. GP elected to work with ANF and aid in its fundraising efforts by creating two exclusive timepieces for this purpose - The “Virtus White”Perpetual Calendar Chronograph in white gold as a Unique Piece; and “Virtus I” Perpetual Calendar Chronograph in pink gold in a limited edition of 40 pieces.

Sales of these unique timepieces will provide for daily medical and nutritional aid to 65,000 young students for 4 years, helping reach the 1st, 2nd, and 4th United Nations Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, and reducing child mortality rates. The creative collaboration between two distinguished organizations such as GP and ANF has resulted in much more than a masterful watch - it has created the opportunity for thousands of children to receive the most critical tools in breaking poverty.

Should you need more information, you could log into the ANF website for more details.

(I have verified the site to be bona fide with the Moderator of GP Forum at

- HT


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It was horologically and gastronomically satisfying evening for a small group of MB&F fans that was gathered to see for the first time in Singapore the new No.2 from MB&F. Irene Gan from the Hour Glass kindly modelled for me to show how it looks on a lady's wrist. With the trend in fashion, women are finding it much more comfortable with large timepieces than 5 years ago. For them, its a fashion accessory - not a watch.
Curious, some decades ago - during my mother's youth, jewelry watches had dials no larger than a small penny. Back then women were full bodied and watches were small. Now women are waifs and the watches are enormous!
Here are the images filed and reported by Su Jia Xian - The Dinner Report.
To appreciate how it looks like on men's wrists, check out my thread here - How the MB&F No.2 looks on the wrist.


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On Sunday 18th November, the Hour Glass hosted a small dinner party at a Japanese restraurant with Max Busser and his MB&F No.2 as the guest of honour. I was kindly invited to photograph this monumental piece, the second from this new brand and already it has brought some acclaim with collectors from all over.

Max has again kindly agreed to model his watch for me and the image here is shared with great satisfaction. The MB&F No.2 is what I call a "simple complications" - a tautology of course but for me it accurately describes the retrograde minute movement with double moons. While each of the function it features do not rate as a high complication, altogether - in its form cannot be described as a simple watch. While it follows on from the toubillon of the No.1, this watch does not pale in comparison to its elder sibling. It features well on the wrist, comfortable but only for those who are able to deal with the attention it brings.

More to come in days ahead when I am able to complete the post processing of the images. So come back soon.

- HT

Postscript - I recently published this Black & White Montage of portraits of Mr Maximilian Busser I captured during the launch evening here in Singapore. Click it to see the web version.


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Any watch collector worth his salt would have at some point come aross a perpetual calendar and if he or she researched in some depth, would have discovered that there is a living legend called Kurt Klaus who managed to solve much of the mechanical problems in designing a timepiece that would keep accurate count of the days in the year up to the year 2500. All with the use of a single crown.
At the age of 73, he now plays the role of the senior ambassador for IWC and recently visited Singapore to host a watch assembly class. One cannot help but notice almost immediately how genuinely affable and friendly Mr Klaus are to collectors who clearly had no airs about himself - even though his success and achievements would easily given him good reason to be a proud man. Always ready to answer any question put to him by collectors.

Once the protege of Albert Pellaton - one of the geniuses of early IWC, Kurt has in my opinion achieved greater acclaim than his mentor. He received an accolade that no previous IWC employee had not received, a watch named after him. The DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus Limited Edition. The picture on the right shows him wearing the model no.1 of 50 pieces. Images of this watch was reported earlier below.

The Financial Times recently reported on some of Kurt's achievements and his life at IWC. It is well worth reading - especially for those who are IWC fans.


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Kurt Klaus of IWC, the creator of the famed DaVinci perptual calendar movement was in Singapore this week to run a workshop on dissembling and assembling Caliber 95 movement as well as being the host of an intimate soiree with collectors and fans.
The image on the right are the hands of the master watchmaker himself.
Check out the report of the evening by Su Jia Xian (and photographed by me) at THIS LINK.


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Max Busser has once again created a watch that will no doubt arouse strong reactions. He is now in the process of unveiling the watch at different locations around the world, with Singapore scheduled for later this week.

Unlike the Horological Machine No. 1, the No. 2 does not offer any high complications. But it still makes a statement. For more on the HM2, click here to see my report on



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A couple of weeks ago Su Jia Xian purchased his second Sinn, a 756 tegimented chronograph. A workhorse watch designed to be tough and useable in all conditions. Jia Xian in his usual readable style reviews this watch in this thread on CHECK IT OUT HERE.


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Here are my images of the new Chopard sports chronograph. Taken at the launch dinner (reported below), the quality of this set is not as good as I had hoped (probably because I did not have all my usual watch photographic gear). Fortunately, I was at least able to capture one great image for the cover shot shown here.

The Chrono One is a flyback with 60 hour reserve is limited to only 100 pieces. In tandem with the current trend of having open dials the Chrono One opens up its chronograph subdials seemingly as a teaser to the innards. The Chrono One is typical Chopard with its distinctive arabic numerals and sunburst dial.

Check out the images with this LINK.


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On 31st October, Chopard and Sincere Singapore hosted a very tasteful yet grand dinner event for the world premier launch of the new LUC Chrono One. Held at the Reflections at Keppel Bay, check out the images of my photo report kindly posted by VL Kong, the moderator of Chopard Forum at to appreciate the wonderful location for the dinner event.
The LUC Chrono One launch dinner
The new Chrono One features a completely new chronograph movement developed by the watchmakers at LUC. I was kindly given the opportunity to photograph the watch at the site of the dinner launch before it was delivered to its new owner. Come back soon to check out the images I captured of this exciting new piece.


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