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Chopard LUC recently launched the new Mark 3 which I photographed at the SWA event that was reported below. This new watch is now the buzz with hard core collectors as it features the respected Chopard 3.96 calibre automatic movement at an amazing price - intended to bring Chopard to the forefront of serious watch collector's want list. I have to admit that I am now a fan of this watch and several other Chopard timepieces. I have always had a great respect for their Cal 1.96 but their latest releases this year are hitting the sweet spot with regularity. Just check out my earlier report on the Tech Twist.
In this new style of presentation, click on the image itself to zoom into the details of the image. Just check out the wonderful gold micro rotor and the level of finishing on the movement overall.
CLICK HERE to view the images of the Mark 3.
(Watch was photographed at the Sincere Watch Academy premises with the kind permission from Chopard.)


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The Sincere Watch Academy (SWA) in full swing after its launch conducted a seminar on th 24th October - on the technical prowess of Chopard. The seminar was delivered by one of its watchmakers, Mr Patrick Wehrli.
To read the report and view the photo coverage, check out this link here.

Watch enthusiasts in Singapore, remember to sign up and learn all about watch collecting at this link - Singapore Watch Academy.


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The Fleurier is a limited edition (to only 250) watch from Chopard that embodies its achievements in finishing quality. The Fluerier seal crest is supposed to be even more desirable than the famed Geneve seal. Unfortunately the beautifully finished movement is covered by the gold back which is hand engraved with the beehive logo. Click on the image to see the full size image.


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I am very pleased to share here my Messidor Photomontage images. The first time I saw this beautiful timepiece was at Tempus. Unfortunately at Tempus I did not have the time to photograph it together with the Tradition Fusee Tourbillon. So I made arrangements with Breguet Singapore for me to photograph this watch at their headquarters.
This watch clearly embodies a different style and philosophy from the Tradition Fusee Tourbillon - the Fusee being an open dial whereas the Messidor is a well hand finished skeletonised movement. It was specifically made to celebrate the contribution of A.L. Breguet's invention of the tourbillon. On the wrist this watch's quality in design and craftsmanship is unmistakable. It comes in either rose or white gold. My preference is the rose gold as it shows off the movement well in contrast. The bevelled skeleton movement is shown off clearly through the sapphire crystals (both front and back). The most interesting design element for me is the floating tourbillon cage which appears to float inside a bezel of rose gold. The rose gold bezel is mounted onto the front crystal so it gives a three dimensional feel to the dial.
The watch is moderately slim and sized at 40mm in diameter - making this a very tasteful dress watch. A beautifully crafted timepiece with only one small personal comment - I found the blue hands of the watch, while its the classic Breguet hands, is difficult to read especially in low light.
Have a look at the photomontage I published by CLICKING HERE.
- HT
The Messidor was photographed with the kind permission of Breguet at the Breguet Headquarters, Singapore.


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After weeks of delay here is finally the photomontage of the independent watchmakers John & Stephen McGonigle. Handling the watch and photographing it, I was able to appreciate the level of attention given to the finishing of the watch. It was also easy to see with the watch in hand that the brothers wanted to present a watch with classical qualities such as high horology finishing with artistic hand engraving of the bridge on the back of the watch - which included the signature of Stephen in this particular Pink Gold piece. Yet the watch has its intrinsic Irish influence with the motifs and lettering fonts clearly reflecting the celtic roots.

It is not apparent in the images - which I tried very hard to capture with limited success - that the dial itself is a layer of sapphire crystal. That layer of crystal gave the dial a kind of high gloss finish but yet at some angles the markers and brand text appear to float. The hands are distinctly McGonigle with the diamond like ends in pink gold. I certainly have not seen hands of this design in other watches.

The tourbillon cage found at 6 o'clock takes up nearly a third of the dial. The cage is uncluttered and very clean with a stylised bridge in the shape of an M. I was not sure that I appreciated the design of the bridge or the design of the brand logo when I first saw the watch but having processed these images for some time now, they seem to bother me a lot less.

Overall, this timepiece is wonderfully executed with high finish and that can be appreciated in the images. The design itself is distinctive and recognisable and that is saying a lot in times when there are too many 'me too' tourbillons. My congratulations to both brothers for executing such a fine time piece for the collecting community.

To view the photomontage CLICK HERE.



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Earlier I shared an image of the McGonigle tourbillon and a portrait of John McGonigle modelling his watch. I finally completed the post processing of all his images and edited down to about a dozen images for a photomontage - to be published this weekend. In the meantime, here is a cover image of both the man and his watch again from a different angle.
If you wish to learn more about the watch and the brand, visit


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The Breguet Messidor is quite a stunning watch in the flesh. It was shown at Tempus II together with the Tradition Fusee Tourbillon and when compared between the two, one cannot help noticing how different the two are. It is quite obvious the genesis of these two comes from two different design philosophies. While the Fusee is forged from historic roots the Messidor appears to be completely modern in execution. A skeleton tourbillon is not new but the tourbillon cage is interesting and it looks like its floating. I will share more comments when the photomontage is ready for publication.
- HT


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