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I photographed the Opus V some months ago and only managed to find some time to process the images for publication. Wait for this series coming out this weekend - I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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Some weeks ago I was invited by the Hour Glass to photograph their new limited edition Tempus RM 016. A slim rectangular three handed timepiece which is a change from its more familiar tonneau cased models. Nevertheless, it still has its distinctive RM style elements like it being dialess and the industrial look and finish. The timepiece which I was invited to shoot was a preproduction model so its markings on the back is missing.

There will only be 23 pieces (numbered 1-25 sans nos. 4, 14 and 24) for the Tempus to be held in September. This watch is essentially a PVD-coated RM016.

Check out the photomontage through the link here.


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I collated a series of images - including those below - of the Antiqua into a screensaver for fans to download. To download the Winzip file of the screensaver, follow this link - CLICK HERE.


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I recently rephotogaphed the Vianney Halter Antiqua and spent some time thinking about how I can embellish the character of the watch through my photography as well as photoshop. Here is my first attempt to bring out some of its detail. In particular the port hole design as well as the rivets around the dials. Do click on the image above to see it full size.
Antiqua Dreams #2

Antiqua Dreams #3

Antiqua Dreams #4


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While I have respect for the marque Patek Philippe, I think the attention and fan base for the brand has little to do with its quality rather than the myth and marketing behind it. This is not to say that there isn't any quality behind it. The fanbase seem to have a fanatical faith in its watch making quality as well as it capability to retain its financial value. I think some of the Patek's high end pieces deserve such dedicated following but in my opinion, not all are made with equal finish, treatment and complexity.
One model in Patek's range intrigued me for some time. The Nautilus somehow did not appear to me to be an attractive timepiece in the images I had seen before - until now. I was invited by my gentleman friend, learned purist and renowned collector to have a look as well as an opportunity to photograph it.
I was pleasantly surprised how it looked in the metal as well as on the wrist. Its a braceletted sports watch aimed at being understated. Slim to the extent of being described as a thin watch by today's standards. Finished to an extent that is expected of the top three brands. I would easily now happily describe the Nautilus as a handsome watch. Not necessarily beautiful by any standards but one that cooly understated by those who unfamiliar with it but lusted by those who are fanatical about the brand. This extremely popular and well supported in the secondary market, making it a smart choice for those who wish to keep their investment value.
However personally for me, I do not find myself as readily excited about the watch as a Patek fan but I do understand now what their excitement is about.
Do have a look at my images and consider for yourself whether you think the brand deserves the fanatical support.

CLICK HERE to see the photomontage.


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This watch has been in my collection for some time now and its been a true tool watch for me. I am a fan of great bracelet watches and this ranks amongst my all time favourites.

For me, this watch is a classic diver with a great column wheel chrono movement. Its extremely well made with great case and dial work. Its not a big watch by today's standards but it sits well on the wrist and it holds it own when compared to other imposing watches. This watch is tough and has seen some time on my wrist over the years. Its my second Seamaster and I am convinced I will always have one in my collection.

Have a look at my photomontage and have a look at the details on this timepiece. BTW this watch is already some years old when I photographed it.



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This is another set of images I had taken some time ago - my own Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph. I had neglected to published the images of this watch - largely due to the many wonderful timepieces I had photographed over the recent months.
To my great relief, I was also able to recover most of my images of this watch which compells me to publish my older collections as soon as possible. The SMPChrono is a wonderful watch to photograph with great quality in the details. Look out for it in the coming days!


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I had photographed this watch some months ago soon after it arrived but I kept the images planning for sometime in the future to process them. Admittedly, it was not high on my priorities and a fortnight ago, when my PC crashed I thought I had lost the images (together with images of several watches of which I have not processed) forever.
Fortunately, I was able to ultimately save most of my data. Here is the series which many had been asking for. Its a wonderfully designed watch that works very well for me. Easily a classic within its lifetime. Already well known in the WIS world and waiting time is 12 months.
Have a look at the photomontage and check out for yourself whether this is a classic.


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Some time ago, I commented on the problematic guidelines of the Swiss industry to have a minimum value of 50% to be described as "Swiss Made".
On the 29th June 2007 the Federation got together and decided to pass a new value criterion. Now, any mechanical watch in which at least 80% of the production cost is attributable to operations carried out in Switzerland would be considered as a mechanical Swiss watch. For other watches (quartz etc.), particularly electronic watches, this rate would be 60%. Further, technical construction and prototype development would moreover need to be carried out in Switzerland. In addition, raw materials, precious stones and the battery would be excluded from the production cost.
While this is a positive step in the right direction to assure the public that a Swiss Made watch is in fact made in Switzerland, this value criterion can still be circumnavigated without much difficulty. E.g. the cost of making a complex solid gold case can easily amount up to 80% of the cost of a watch - esp. with a simple and basic ebauche movement is all that is needed.
Lets hope that the Federation continues to tighten up the definition so that watch buyers and collectors are assured that they are in fact getting Swiss quality.
Report on Strengthening of 'Swiss Made'


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The German watch maker Muhle Glashuette was reported by the German press that arising from their failed legal action agains another German watch manufacturer Nomos, it was 63million euros in debt. This resulted in Muhle Glashuette having to declare insolvency.
Muhle made dependable tool watches with a good following of fans at affordable prices. They represented outstanding value at their price point and quality. If in the unfortunate event that the brand does go under without a white knight to bail them out, the MG watches will easily become collectable. Unfortunately, the brand is not widely distributed globally - which makes the tracking down of remaining unsold pieces quite a challenge.
For more details, check out this German news report.
Muhle Glashuette Homepage


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It just had to happen. With the inevitable merging of various consumer technologies, the electronic watch that plays MP4 movies will have an added function such as GPS. Here is an interesting French video featuring a watch that looks like a huge Casio timepiece that plays movies in colour. Now, if it only was able to tell time on different planets light years away, we will all be ready for space travel. :-)

Click on the image above to see the video from YouTube.


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