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Some time ago I published a series of photographs comparing the legendary GO Panoretrograph with the Lange Datograph. The intricate movement design in these two German watches fascinates me to no end. For those not seen it before, you can see it HERE.

While I was at the local authorised dealers, I was able to photograph again the movement of the Panoretrograph. I think my photography has improved a little and this image is able to capture in one full frame sharp focus the movement of the whole watch. This watch is just amazing as its able to count down in addition to its choronograph function. To top it off it has gongs to ring the end of the count down. True GO classic. Click on the image to see it in 1024x768 resolution.


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While I am a great fan of top German horology, somehow I have not been moved by Glashuette Original's offerings for some time. This was until I was introduced to this top of the line model from GO. The Tourbillon Regulator is a beautiful timepiece on both the dial and movement side. Its a well balanced watch that is neither too big nor too thick. The black guilloched dial is understated yet clearly very well made and the tourbillon cage very clean and attractive. The winning element must be the hand engraved movement plate seen on the back but overall the watch is a clear winner that will catapult the brand as a serious contender to its stable companion - Lange & Sohne. Well Done GO!
(watch was photographed courtesy of Hour Glass Singapore)


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Finding the perfect watch photograph is a pastime that has taken me on a perilous journey. With each new watch I photograph, I learn new things about the mistakes commonly made and the painstaking process of avoiding problems and errors. Each time I felt that I have mastered one aspect, I discover I need to improve on another. The combination of a collector's eye, the right camera and lens equipment, the critical accessories, the right kind of lighting for the watch at hand, the various combination of skills of photoshopping to deal with all kinds of digital image issues - and most of all, the time, energy and commitment to the passion to photograph just a watch for hours and to process the images at twice the number of hours. I recently took a short break from watch photography to freshen my approach out of necessity - which coincided with my academic duties.

Now returning to photograph the Hublot Bigger Bang, I return to my passion with a vengeance and I am proud to share with you this very rare Platinum timepiece. Clearly a complex watch with some original detailing such as the positioning of the power reserve and the exhibition case back with two saw tooth plates that resembles gears. This is an expensive sports watch and not for the faint of heart. It is a watch that is both easily identifiable yet distinct due to its skeleton dial and the gold tourbillon balance wheel. Do have a look at the photographs which I hope you will enjoy.
To view the photomontage, CLICK HERE

(The watch was photograph with the kind courtesy of The Hour Glass Singapore - authorised dealers of Hublot)


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IF you had to go electronic on your wristwatch, this is something funky that was just released. A Video Wristwatch with a colour screen and a capacity of 2GB. According to the manufacturer it plays MP4 as well as MP3 music and various format viewers. It features a 1.5-inch, 260K OLED true color screen, high resolution 128*128 pixel image. It retails for US$169.95.
Fortunately, it does tell the time and date as well. :-)
It is just the thing to wear to a blind date or a party where you figure that there is a possibility of being bored stiff. Also, I think that this watch will be a hit at parties where the young and the hip are into wired lifestyles - until it becomes pervasively available.
More information from the vendor site here:
EPOQ Video Watch

(Image courtesy of the vendor site)


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I just managed to complete the photographing of the new Hublot Bigger Bang and will shortly be publishing a series of photographs of this timepiece. This watch is very exclusive and expensive and the quality can be seen from the images. Come back soon to see the report.


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The Hour Glass has put up a website for watch fans to follow the developments running up to the Tempus event itself. Do remember to return to the site regularly to register yourself if you plan to attend any of its workshops, discussion panels and forums.



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A report covering brands that exhibited at SIHH and in Geneva this year is complete. Click here to access it.


Thanks SJX! This report complements your BASELWORLD report earlier and updates fans on the latest offerings from almost all the top brands in Europe. Wonderful coverage and details. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the report. Highly recommended reading!

- HarryTan


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Finally after three long years since the first TEMPUS - then called "The Great Watchscapade" - will return with all the aplomb and more as "The Temple of Time". This time round, its expected to be even bigger and more lavish with over S$150million worth of watches on display at the Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore. The brands showcased will include Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Cartier, Glashutte Original, Harry Winston, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Patek Philippe and Officine Panerai. .
This event is a must for any watch lover any where in the world. Judging by the success and the coverage of the first Tempus the event slated for September 5th to 9th promises to be an exciting week. The full array of events, forums and demonstrations can be seen in the linked Press Release below.
In addition, for the first time anywhere in the region, there will be a photographic competition on "conceptualizing time" which is open to the public from May 15th to July 31st - a pre-TEMPUS event which will showcase the winning entries at the Temple of Time.
To get an idea of what the first Tempus was like, read Mr Roger Tsai's report FOUND HERE.
To read the full Press Release, CLICK HERE.
I fully recommend fans to attend this event if not just for the watches but for the great friendships made meeting up with fellow collectors from all the various watch communities and forums. Many have dubbed Tempus as Baselworld in Singapore - and deservedly so.


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