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Some months ago I photographed this wonderful timepiece in my local favourite Authorised Dealer. A very rare and expensive timepiece that wonderfully chimes on demand. Repeaters are a rarity still and good quality pieces are even rarer finds. Oddly enough, though Repeaters are infamously expensive, rarely do they stay in the store for long here in Singapore as there is a growing following for extreme complications here.
I really like the Portuguese line of watches and this is no exeception. I am especially taken by the austere simple dial that belies the complexity inside. I would however much prefered the cursive lettering of old for this piece. The serif font works well but not as much as the original flowing cursive lettering.
Nevertheless, as ever, I hope you will enjoy these photographs. Click below to view the images.


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When I received the invitation to photograph this watch, I enthusiatically agreed as I had become a Voutilainen fan since I photographed his first Chronograph earlier this year. A very distinctive style of watch making yet - old school.

Each of the masterpiece series is a distinct and individual watch with no copies. No.7 is a decimal Minute Repeater’ caliber, which strikes hours, 10 minute intervals and minutes. It has second hand placement at 6 o’clock and a 24-hour indicator for a second time zone has been added at 12 o’clock. The day and night dials of this indicator are engraved with stylized sun and moon figures in 18 carat yellow and white gold. The back of the watch has been hand engraved by master engraver Eddy Jaquet, with a design based on the theme of the ‘Seven Sisters’ from the myth of the Pleiades.

I successfully captured a fair number of images of this watch and decided to put them together in a WMV movie for easy viewing. To download the file CLICK HERE.

Please note that this file is over 6mb and would take sometime to download if you are not on broadband. Hope you like the presentation!

POSTSCRIPT: For those who wish to learn more about Mr Kari Voutilainen, do read this interview reported by my good friend Mr Su Jia Xian published in the Singapore Business Times Watch Supplement - "The Kari-smatic Mr Voutilainen" Here Kari spoke about his 10 limited edition repeaters including this No.7.

POST POSTSCRIPT: Curtis Thomson recently wrote me and shared with me his site and several articles on Voutilainen. Have a look at it here to learn more about Voutilainen - the man and his watches. CLICK HERE.


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As promised earlier, here is the lovely WG version of Romain Gauthier's new watch. A timepiece that has grown to like a lot since the day I photographed it. I hope one day to have one of Gauthier's timepieces on my wrist - budget permitting. The man, the watch and philosophy appeals to me.

Hope you like the Video Montage version of this watch. To see it, CLICK HERE.
As with all wmv files, to view the movie full page, hit the Alt Enter keys when the file is being shown.

(Be warned however that the file is almost 6mb and will take some time to download if you are not on broadband.)


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The IHT published an interesting column by Ms Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop on the current trend of watch collecting. The article in my opinion crystalises some of the debate/discussion engaging many collectors in the watch forums - what is the real value and meaning of "in-house movement". Ms Kolensnikov interviewed several well known personalities including Mr Max Busser (as well as the lesser known that includes yours truly).

To read the report, CLICK HERE.

(This post was made whilst on holiday on the Pacific Coast Highway at Big Sur).


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After nearly three years of professional service, I finally managed to find some available time to spend some holiday time together with my wife. On my travels I suspect I will not be able to enjoy the high speed internet access as I do here at home in Singapore (and I am not bringing my notebook computer - although my trusty camera is going along).
Accordingly, I have to apologise to my blog fans of the coming week of silence on this blog. However, rest assured that there are several updates worth waiting for (hopefully I will be able to find the time to process my photographs during the yuletide season!). The coming montages include IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater, AP Tourbillon and of course the new Romain Gautheir.
See you all soon!


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