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Habring2, a very small watch maker outfit will be sealing their new relationship with Sincere Watch in Singapore with a new limited edition watch. The "SHH Grand Reserve 2006" - designed and developed with Sincere Haute Horlogerie with a limited production of only 12 pieces.

The new HABRING2 automatic in its base version allows the owner to tailor and add further optional complications and functions. By doing so, this timepiece sets a new functional benchmark of the small HABRING2 collection.

It will be running on a base Swiss ETA 2892-A2 automatic movement. The additional power reserve indication at 6h and the outsized date display at 12 o’clock position accomplishing hour, minute and centerseconds indication.

The serial sapphire-crystal back allows the owner to adore its technical and aesthetical engineering at its very best condition: decorative ribbings, blued screws and the new HABRING2 logo on the oscillating weight, free hand cut by famous Carinthian master engraver Florian Güllert.

Look out for the other watches to be announced for the Sincere Limited Editions coming out soon.


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Its with great pleasure for me to share with you a newly launched online lifestyle magazine called Goldarths Review. This new site covers all aspects of the well heeled that includes cars, travel and most importantly, watches. The site is wonderfully designed and has first class photographs of the subject matter covered.

I am also proud to say that two of the partners are personal friends of mine. Nevertheless objectively, the quality of their inaugural and launch issue is quite classy. It is now accessible online and I highly recommend a visit. To check out the site CLICK HERE - GOLDARTHS REVIEW


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On the 19th of July, on the invitation of IWC, I delivered a presentation to 40 odd young clients of Union Bank of Swizterland. The presentation was titled "The Appreciation of Finer Things in Life: Modern Horological Masterpieces". Amazingly, my powerpoint file came up to over 40mbs and over 180 slides. This was mainly due to the several short clips on IWC such as the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar. In addition, more than 70% of the slides were photographs of watches.

Nevertheless, for those who attended the presentation who wanted to review the material from my presentation, here is the edited PDF version reduced to a downloadable size (albeit still over 1 mb in size). Anyone else who is interested to see the file, are welcome to download the file and have a look. Please note - I am not a professional watch expert - so please exercise your best personal discretion when considering the information in it! CLICK HERE to download the presentation.


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Following the article by Jia Xian as shared by me with the Purist community, there was much discourse, discussion and argument as to what was the precise purpose in which the Tourbillon mechanism was invented for. Was it to deal with just gravity effects on the movement which is the generally accepted view or is it for something more?

I thought the discussion on the Purists generated by this article is well worth highlighting and share with those who are seriously interested in high horology. The Purist posters tracked down some interesting historical documents and quotes by Breguet (the inventor of the tourbillon). If you are interested to read that discussion, CLICK HERE.


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Tourbillons holds great mystique with serious watch collectors. Although its function and purpose has long been seen as redundant with today's technology and materials used in watches - the meticulous process of manufacturing and assembling the tourbillon movement still holds some value with many.
In an article by Su Jia Xian called "Why the big spin on tourbillons?", Jia Xian traces the history of the tourbillon and its different permutations of today's consumer watches of varying quality. Wonderfully researched and easily readable.
Highly commended reading material. To read the report, CLICK HERE


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Su Jia Xian - friend and moderator of The Purists published a wonderful interview of Mr Cesar Jean Mairet providing some very interesting and wonderful insight of the fledgling watch company. To read the report, CLICK HERE


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