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For watch collectors in Singapore or in the local region and in particular Purists - there will be an opportunity to meet the CEO of Jean-Mariet & Gillman on Wed, 28 June, in the early evening.

Unfortunately seats are limited and while this meeting is open to collectors - it is subject to registration.

For more information, click on this page at


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I have been very fortunate to have access to this wonderful timepiece from a gentleman friend who allowed me to photograph this wonderful and handsome timepiece. A design style that is quite different from the usual Blancpain watches but it will strike a chord with collectors who love to see the movement from both the front and back.

I have presented these set of photographs differently from my usual automatic montages as an experiment to see if it is popular with visitors. Do write and let me know your comments and criticism.

CLICK HERE for the photographs of the Blancpain Tourbillon Transparence.


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On 11th and 12th June (Singapore & KL respectively), a select group of watch collectors in both cities were invited to enjoy an evening of good food, watches and each other's company. The dinner was an event to showcase this year's new offerings from Glahuette's factories that was launched at BASEL2006.
The photography of the proceedings at both dinners were covered by Ng Teng Jaw of Revolution Magazine (see but the dinner in KL was also covered by Purists KT (Lanatir) and LiLing. Have a look just to see the new 2006 pieces wonderfully photographed. Glashuette Original 2006 New Releases


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First I really have to apologise for some of the poor quality photos here (esp if you are expecting the same quality as my other montages). These watches belong to a private collector - were shot on location at the Luxury of Independence Tour Exhibition of AHCI watches some weeks back. The Hour Glass Boutique was most kind and gracious to let me photograph these pieces (with their help in handling these rare and beautiful pieces). Despite all my efforts to bring out the best of these watches, I had some trouble with the lighting as I was not able to bring along lighting equipment (esp for the skeleton sonnerie). I had thought to simply shelf the whole thing but I figured that collectors and fans here would like to see the watches regardless of the quality of the shots so here it is. CLICK HERE to view the photographs.


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The Antiqua to me is Vianney's signature piece (well at least for now). Amazingly at the recent Luxury of Independence Tour 2006 here in Singapore, there were two pieces available at the local AD - a pink gold and yellow gold. Also at the exhibition was Vianney's own personal Platinum piece.
As with the recent Luxury of Independence watches that I reported here earlier, I was given the opportunity to photograph the Pink Gold version. Hope you will enjoy the photographs.
CLICK HERE to see the photomontage.


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As with everyone else who has met and seen Vianney, he always had on a VH watch on his wrist. However, at one great evening of dining (before the Independence Tour began) I posed that question to Mr Halter and he was surprisingly candid and open about his liking for Kari Voultilainen. All the while of course he was wearing his Trios on his wrist (actually it was on everyone else's wrist during the dinner all busy inspecting it in detail).

An even bigger surprise was that he actually brought along a Kari Chronograph during his trip for the Luxury of Independence Tour. I am not sure if it was on loan to him or he owns it but I was given the opportunity to photograph this extremely rare timepiece later during the tour.

I was actually given only 10 minutes to shoot the watch at the Hour Glass Millennia Boutique. I did not have my tripod or lightbox with me so I had to make do with bounce flash and handheld shots. Hope you like the photographs!

Here it is - to see the photomontage, click on the link:


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Peter Speake-Marin watches are distinctive watches with unique design cues. A watch maker whose design and manufacturing philosophy of focussing on classic dials and numerals. Speake-Marin has several watches in its range of products and he has already found devoted fans who collect his watches. His watches are considered the most affordable AHCI watch brand in the market.

CLICK HERE to see the watches


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