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Tag Heuer just launched their newly redesigned website before Christmas. Check out their Concept Watch link - I especially like the Monaco V4.
TAG Heuer, Swiss Watches and Chronographs - TAG Heuer swiss avant.garde since 1860


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Finally after hours of editing and programming and editing again, the Photomontage of the very popular La Tradition has been published. Click on the Photo above to launch the montage. Hope you enjoy it!


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The highly collectable IWC Forum Ingeniuer was delivered to a few very fortunate IWC fans in Singapore. I was with Mr Tay Kok Choon - a renowned IWC afficinado and collector - when he collected his timepiece from HourGlass Millennia. The watch has a grey dial instead of black in the standard model. The watch is very special to IWC Fans as they are individually engraved with the owner's name. Congrats to all the new owners!


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Good news for IWC fans in Singapore. There is a rumour that soon IWC Schaffhausen will be opening up a new boutique here. With the opening of a new IWC boutique, collectors from the South East Asian region can now have access to collectable boutique pieces. No news as to where it will be or when it will finally be opened. But, I am sure many collectors here will agree - this is good news for IWC fans!


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Finally the Datograph Photomontage has been published online. Its with great satisfaction I share with you my photography and love for horology. Hopefully that is manifested with this montage of a very fine timepiece.



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The Lange Datograph here also belongs to the friend who lent me his Breguet below. The Datograph has been one of my top 3 most favourite watches for a long time. Before actually holding and trying it out, it was a watch that did not strike a chord with me from photos. But when I saw the Pink Gold black dial version of this watch, I discovered that the watch has a special quality about it and its movement display has no equal. What a wonderful timepiece.


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A very kind Gentleman and friend recently loaned me his new Breguet La Tradition for me to photograph. Here is a single shot for visitors to enjoy before the montage is published. This watch is quite exciting to behold and it deserves all the attention its getting from enthusiastic watch collectors. Breguet deserves all the accolades for this new watch. Bravo!


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The exciting new JLC Extreme has been delayed in delivery to customers but having spoke to Maxime Labey at the Revolutions Magazine First Anniversary Party last week, he informs me that the watch will be finally arriving in mid January 2006. That's about 30 days time and a lot of people are looking forward to its arrival.

Maxime had this watch on him that night and I snapped it with my small IXUS40 in darkness. Its a one of a kind prototype stainless steel piece of the Extreme with a grey anthracite dial from the platinum model - instead of the usual black dial. What a wonderful looking watch. Looks like a real winner for JLC.


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On Saturday 10 December, the Purists in Singapore had a small gathering for lunch at the Marche Restaurant to see the Habring watches that was brought here by Richard and Maria. Quite a few people turned up for the lunch and the Habring showed us their pride and joy - the Habring Tourbillion. Click on the link below for my full report and photos posted on the Purists: Habring Lunch II Report


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Yesterday was an unexpected day of horological joy. I had the chance to lunch with Richard and Maria Habring - the owners of the Habring brand of watches. The Habrings are independent watchmakers who manufactures custom pieces for enthusiasts and collectors. They have a watch which they use as their base model for all kinds of complications to enhance as the customer pleases.

Over lunch Habring shared with me and two other enthusiastic Purists - Dominic Khoo and Tim Tan, a brief history of the Habring brand, where they work and live and what they do and why they do it. He also showed us the watch on his wrist - the Dead Seconds and 'Time Only' which was on Maria's wrist. He also showed us his blueprints of various designs and new complications.

Fascinating to learn his perspective of watch making business and how he wants to do it. He feels that he is not building a watch brand per se but an identity of a professional process of watch making. So by providing a service to watch enthusiast - to put in complications into watches as per individual preference, he distinguishes himself from all others in the industry by true customisation.

Watch collectors will be assured of rarity and exclusivity as he declares that his output is only 12 watches a year! I am now quite taken by the dead seconds and wondering if I am too far gone to ignore it. Just see how it looks at the picture above.

For more information about their watches visit the following links:
1. Harbring's Homepage
2. Dr Bernard Cheong's post on the Purist about Habring's Dead Second's watch
3. Profile report of the Habrings by Marcus Hanke


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Vianney Halter, the master watchmaker with a brand of watches in his name recently spoke/chat with purists online about his watches, the developments and all things pertaining to VH watches. It makes for very interesting reading for those who are fans of the brand. Have a look at the chat here: VIANNEY HALTER CHAT WITH PURISTS.


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This is a new photo of my Seamaster. I enjoy photography and I find this watch wonderfully detailed and well made which shows up on photos. Hope you enjoy this shot.


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