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After several hours of processing the photos taken at House of Lange, I have published two sets for visitors to enjoy. The first is a photomontage of the House of Lange itself at Sentosa and the second is a short movie of the Richard Lange (also photographed at the House of Lange).

The House of Lange is a wonderful concept for collaboration between Brands and Dealers. At some considerable cost, both came together to bring about a wonderful exhibition that celebrates the wonderful quality that Lange is known for.
I have been a fan of the brand from the earliest days but this exhibition brought to me a greater understanding how much work goes into each of their watches.
While I may not like all the designs of the Lange watches (but the Datograph is one of my absolute favourites), I have to affirm the level of quality that the brand is known for. This exhibition, I am sure, has raised Lange's reputation with local collectors.

To view the photomontage of the House of Lange, CLICK HERE.

To view the wmv movie of the Richard Lange watch, CLICK HERE.



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