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On 15 July a small select group of 15 collectors gathered at Thong Sia Building in Singapore to enjoy the presentation on the history and development of the Grand Seiko watches. The event was organised by Mr Peter Chong together with Thong Sia Singapore and Seiko Epson Japan. Three staff members from Seiko Epson was flown here - Mr. Noboru Hosokawa (Engineer), Ms. Chitose Masuda (Master Craftsman) and Mr. Harumitsu Akashi (Senior Manager PR - who conducted the presentation) to show us their skills, their new watches and to basically mingle with collectors and answer questions.

Seen at the presentation at the Thong Sia Seiko showroom were some of the latest models and limited edition Spring Drive GS. This particular piece with exhibition back caught the eye of a few collectors including myself for its simplicity yet discernable finishing quality.

Here are some of the other watches seen at the presentation (click on the image to see it in full resolution)

Here is a series showing Masuda-san demonstrating the assembling a Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement. Notice that she was able to do this completely without the use of a loupe - and with speed as well. This is the first time I have seen a movement assembly without using a loupe. She uses the microscope only to check that alignment is perfect.

Finally, a capture of all the watches worn on the wrists of guests - all are clearly Seikos.

With the ever growing sophistication of collectors in Singapore with regards to horology, Seiko Japan has taken notice (with no small effort on the part of Mr Peter Chong) enough to have such a special event and hopefully, it will be a start of more to come from Seiko Japan for collectors here in the near future. Maybe even possibly a Singapore Limited Edition?

- HT

(Postscript - check out Peter Chong's report on the same event at his blog through this link - CLICK HERE - also check out his captures of the Grand Seiko Eichi - I missed shooting this watch because guests were fawning over it and I could not get access to it!)


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Listen to the audio broadcast with Peter May about the state of horology in England and the interview with George Daniels and Roger Smith. Makes for interesting update for those interested in what is happening in the UK.



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Of recent years, there has not been a watch that has caused so much Internet buzz as this thunderbolt - even with the non horology related forum and fora.  The fourth watch from MB&F and just when detractors thought that it was not possible to get more outrageous than the HM3, Max Busser unveils a watch that does not follow any previous norms both in design as well as in movement design. All MB&F watches are statement watches but this one just seems much more than that. Could it be described as mechanised art or is it over the top watch only for the extremely well heeled? What ever it is, one cannot avoid feeling that Max is fearless in his direction and design for his watches. His penchant for the extreme and his direction is a breath of fresh air in an industry of too many "me too" is welcomed.

Many have taken to the design because it reminds them of something - probably subconsciously - of their childhood. Whether it be jet engines or a pair of bongos. For me, I suspect that the wide appeal of this design has to do a lot with how it resembles the podracers from Episode 1 of Star Wars (image below taken off the Internet).


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The press kit photographs of the HM4 had been seen on the internet the past few days raising a very high level of positive responses - deservedly. I had the fortune of photographing not just the watch but with Max modeling it for me - click on these images to see them in high resolution.

The following wrist belongs to my good friend, Mr Peter Chong of Timezone.

Here are the captures of the watch - quick and dirty - taken at the restaurant itself..

If all goes well, more images of the watch to follow.

- HT


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This afternoon Max spoke at a small lunch gathering of several collectors and friends at the Peking Duck Restaurant at the Paragon. Here was what he said of the new watch.


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I received this through my email and thought it was a wonderful idea worth sharing for those who are serious about horology. Thomas is offering those who are traveling around Switzerland to visit his atelier and enjoy a tour at Twann, Switzerland - this summer only.  The tour will be an opportunity for visitors to discover for themselves how a timepiece is developed, produced, assembled and regulated - from raw pieces of metal to a finished piece of art. Visitors also get to see what the various machines do and the techniques watchmakers use to master their craft. 

Under experienced guidance, you will have a chance to sit at a watchmaker's bench, loupe on the eye, screwdriver and tweezers in hand and try manipulating real watch components for yourself. Practice your fine finishing technique on a tiny steel part and, if you are feeling brave, try your hand a finishing a real tourbillon bridge.

The offer runs until August 31st 2010. If you are interested, please contact at or phone+41 (0)32 315 28 66 for more details


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On the 9th of July, The Hour Glass and MB&F will be unveiling the long awaited HM4 at a private dinner for collectors and friends. Max Busser himself will be here to share with us his design philosophy and what this new ground breaking watch represents.

Over the past few months, the very effective marketing engine of MB&F had piqued the interest of many collectors as well as industry commentators and critics with images of the completely advant garde movement that looks very similar to the Y fighter from Star Wars - yet another inspirational cue reflecting Busser's yen for Sci Fi.

For fans of the brand, do return on 9th July (or soon after) to see my personal photographs of this new watch. I am sure it will be as special and totally unfamiliar as was HM3 when it was first released. I am eagerly looking forward to having a private photograph session with the watch - as promised by Max himself!

- HT


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On 25th May this year, Van Cleef Arpels hosted a very elegant and gastronomical evening at Le Saint Julien Restaurant (rated very highly for its haute cuisine). The VCA team brought along with them their complete collection including many of their prized jewelry collection. The highlight though was when Mr Jean Marc Wiederreccht the VCA Watchmaker and Designer - addressed the guests and shared his thoughts and intent of his designs of the 2010 collection.

Check out the VCA watches and other images from the photo report I filed at Horomundi Forums. CLICK HERE to see it.

- HT


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