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I just published a series of images of the new GP Vintage Jackpot Tourbillon on the Horomundi GP Forum. The series includes images of the watch on the wrist of Mr Eduord Henn, the brand manager for GP who was responsible for bringing to Singapore the Jackpot Tourbillon. Have a look and consider how the watch looks to you. Check out the images HERE.


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On the evening of 21st June, Cortina (authorised retailer) and FJ Benjamin (authorised distributor) co-hosted a small gathering of collectors for a private viewing of the huge GP Jackpot Vintage Tourbillon. At the viewing, I had a few minutes to photograph the Jackpot with the kind permission of GP brand manager, Edourd Henn. I will share the images of the close up of the Jackpot later here when I finally process them.
This is a the biggest luxury timepiece I have ever seen. When I heard the GP announcement on this watch, I was very surprised that any brand would actually build a luxury watch this size and put in a working three barrel jackpot with lever arm.
This watch is not one for the faint hearted both in overall look or price tag (excess of S$800k). I am not a gambler myself but I believe that GP is no novice in understanding their market. There are some top end collectors who are high rollers. I am sure for these individuals, this watch is not just unique but desirable.

Do check out the report of the reception by my good friend Tay Kok Choon, the moderator of GP Forum at Horomundi (with photos by me) and see how the watch sits on the wrist at the link HERE.


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When I saw the Icelink Ambassador, the first thing that came to my mind was this is the kind of over designing that just does not make any sense. This is a watch with six dials and six movements. Unfortunately the brand's homepage (click on the image to get there) does not mention if its mechanical or quartz movement.

Why would any reasonable person wear a huge six movement watch for six time zones while a good GMT or Worldtimer can do the same job? Well, I guess there will be some who would buy this model just because its different from anything else in the market.

The hidden cost however is - when the watch needs servicing or battery replacement. How about when it needs to be wound or adjusted to the right time? With six crowns this watch will need some effort from its owner.

I hope this kind of approach to designing watches will not become a trend with the important brands.


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A small group of enthusiastic vintage Omega collectors have gotten together to organise a small meet for watch fans to come together to hear Dr Bernard Cheong share his insights on vintage Omegas.
With the cost of new luxury and high end watches escalating to previously unheard of levels, returning to collecting of great and rare vintage pieces will soon be a common change with collectors. Many unheard of or lesser brands passing themselves off as desirable through slick marketing and expensive new models in a vain attempt to draw some of the rich pickings away from the mainstream marques. Even in the preowned market has seen some level of inflation following the rise in prices of current models.
So in my view, the smart money has begun to gradually move to vintage - if you can find any. However, knowing how to buy vintage timepieces takes some skill and willingness to carry out research on the watches. For a leg up on how to start, register for this meet as Dr Cheong should be able to point you in the right direction.
For details on the meet and how to register, click on this link:
Here is the link to the virtual map to the venue: click here to access the map.
Do remember that you need to register by 15 June and its on a first come first served basis.


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On Friday 8th June, IWC hosted a tasteful soiree at OSO a small italian restaurant located in swanky Tanjong Pagar Road. It was to be a nice long evening of great italian food, swiss watches and classical music by a string trio. The dinner was for a small select group of IWC long time fans to get together and celebrate and see the new timepieces launched by IWC this year.
Of note, IWC released its new chronograph caliber in the DaVinci tourneau case. I think of all the new releases, the DaVinci Chronograph in steel had the most positive responses from those who saw it in the metal. Unfortunately though, the list price of this watch is over S$20k. The controversial new Ingenueirs were also seen and despite the hardcore traditionalists view that the lack of the antimagnetic iron core, some feel that they will be more popular due to its reduced thickness.
Check out the the images of the new watches I captured as well as the report by Su Jia Xian on the dinner at this LINK.


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The Hour Glass has an interesting series to commemorate this year’s TEMPUS. It is an All‐Black collection of watches from seven brands - namely Audemars Piguet (limited to only 1), De Bethune (limited to 10), Hublot (Bigger Bang limited to 10 and Big Bang to 50), Jaeger Le‐Coultre (limited to only 3), Richard Mille (limited to 10 - image not available at the time of the press release), SINN (limited to 250) and TAG Heuer (limited to 10). Click on the image above to see it in a higher resolution.

Of these watches, the Sinn U1 intrigues me the most. Its identical to the original U1 diver rated for 1000 metres but the case is in matt black tegiment that has the same texture as ceramic. Easily the most affordable limited edition from the whole series.

Fortunately for me, Hour Glass has promised to let me have the first watch that arrives. Undoubtedly, I will photograph the Tempus U1 for the world to appreciate as soon as it arrives.

All images above are courtesy of the Hour Glass


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Glashuette Original and BMW hosted a joint function on the 30th May 2007 at the Performance Motors Showroom here in Singapore. It was an interesting event with great watches, fantastic cars and german cuisine. GO showcased their 2007 novelties as well as Mr Andreas Loffler their watchmaker with a watchmakers bench and tools in for the event.

The watch that caught my eye that night is the Senator Sixties. A watch that has all the classical elements. That a timepiece I would happily add to my collection when the models arrive. An unstated teutonic is always welcomed. The GO Julius Assman tourbillon is also a rare and handsome watch which has to be handled to be appreciate its wonderful details.

To view my photos and read Jia Xian's report, check out this LINK.

To see my covershots of the BMW cars that evening, click on image above.


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Today the Hourglass had a press meeting to update the public on the offerings at the coming Tempus Exhibition. Most interestingly Hourglass will be offering the Tempus All Black Commemorative Collection. This will consist of AP MC12, DeBethune Power, Hublot Bigger Bang and Big Bang, Gyrotourbillon, Richard Mille RM6, Sinn U1 and Tag Heuer Cal 360 - All of them in black cases. Have a look at the preliminary images of the mock ups in the press release. I am sure those who have a yen for black cases will find these irresistible.
Have a look at the press release here.


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In the report linked below, CNN Mr Julien Schaerer of Antiquorum recommends 5 watches that has "prestige and profit potential". They are - Rolex Submariner, references 5512, 5513, or 1680 - Omega Seamaster Ploprof - Panerai Sly Tech - Cartier Tank Cintrée - and 2499 Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. With a nice spread of estimated pricing from US$5k to 200K.
Interesting selection I thought - most likely from a selection of its current auctions. I would generally agree that the Rolex Submariner and the Patek Perpetual are watches that tends to hold its own if not appreciate a tad. The Ploprof is a niche piece which relies on a narrow field of collectors of old diving watches. The Sly Tech is probably the only one that I would doubt that it would hold its value as long as the others on the list. It does not have the history nor the cachet as the other brands albeit its becoming one of the most iconic brands in the 21st C. Time will tell.
Last - Cartier is a hallowed brand in Europe. Desired not only by aficionados but also fashionistas and those who consider themselves in the vogue. The following for the brand is not as strong in the rest of the world but it looks like its getting there.
CNN Report


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