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Over this weekend several of collectors based here in Singapore had the great fortune of meeting a new independent watchmaker - Mr Romain Gauthier as well as enjoyed inspecting and photographing his new timepieces (pre-production models about 95% complete) during his trip here to meet his new Authorised Dealers.
I personally found Romain a very patient amiable friendly gentleman and it was heart warming to see how geniunely well he got along with collectors (like myself) who asked dozens of questions to which he tried effectively to explain. His operation totals only two workers, himself and his watchmaker. He will be launching his brand at Basel 2007 and showcasing 4 watches he has made.
I also found that it is in the very small details that he has innovated on his watches. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the very photogenic movement. I believe that many collectors will consider the movement design both innovative yet classical in its quality of finish.
I would like share a few images here I have of the watches for now. Later in December when I have more time after my professional duties are complete, I will publish the photomontage of the RG watches. Seen here is the White Gold edition of his first watch with a beautiful olive grey strap.
I am also very happy to share with you a wonderful report by Mr Ian Skellern on Romain Gauthier - the man and his watches. To read this report CLICK HERE.


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It has been just slightly over a year since the launch of this weblog and I had thinking for some time how to redesign the bannerhead. Recently I chanced on photographing an enlarged model of Lange's tourbillon balance wheel at the House of Lange event which I adjusted to fit on my banner. Hopefully the new banner would be considered a tasteful change albeit only cosmetic. Hope the next year will prove just as horologically enjoyable as 2006 had been!


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It was published recently the winners of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie deGeneve at website. The winners are all well known but I would like to make a special mention that the Moser Perpetual Calendar won a prize. Have a look at the page to see the other prize winners.


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Some months ago I posted on the Forum about about how odd the watch industry is at odds with itself over watch designs. While prosecution is vehemently pressed against pirates who produce fake watches that are meant to be exact replicas of the originals, some swiss watches are clearly following the design cues of other brands without any overt legal action being taken against them.

With no specific intention (not in the least determining the legal question of whether there is in fact copying of designs), I thought it would be interesting to record the development of some designs and those that - as it appears to me to be radically similar. As I see them and report them here.
To start with, I found this MontBlanc watch on the right is found reported HERE on WorldTempus.
What it immediately reminded me was the Panerai Submersible I once owned. There are distinct differences clearly seen but there are some similarities in my opinion. I think though that the similarities could have been unintended. The style of the rubber strap, the design of the moveable bezel and the marker designs are similar but not the same. The good news is - that this model is made of Tantalum and there will only be 100 pieces.


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(image from press release)
In a press release reported on Revolution website (see below) the 31 year old Romain Gauthier has broken out on his own to start a watch brand in his own name. He has managed to present his design with classic lines and styles but with an altogether new movement. Something rare these days especially when its from a small watch house.

Romain has been influenced positively by Dufour and it can be seen in some of the sample photographs showed to me earlier. Fortunately Mr Gauthier is expected to be in Singapore in the near future and I have been very kindly and graciously invited to photograph his timepieces. So keep a lookout for those photos as I suspect the watch will be stunning.

REVOLUTION - Romain Gauthier, A Young Micro-Engineer turned watchmaker (Press Release)


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As promised below, its with great pleasure for me to share the latest set of photographs I just published online. Please CLICK HERE to view the montage. Hope you like it!
(NB: Use the buttons on the bottom right of the montage page to navigate or start the slideshow)
P.S. - I have also published a short movie clip of the photographs of the Big Bang hosted at the Hublot Forum. Check out the movie here: BIG BANG MOVIE


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In the world of marketing, controversy is often coveted as a means of drawing attention. Some have criticised this about Hublot's Big Bang and how it resembles another marque's iconic model. I have tracked the debate on this and I have learnt a lot - about how Hublot's original design actually predates the other marque etc.
While there are unmistakeable similarities, I think they are unlikely to be mistaken for each other on the wrist. E.g. what I like about the Big Bang is the clean dial without chopped numbers - BRAVO!

Also, even though its a big watch its proportions to me are far more easier to the eye - particularly the thickness.

It has become Hublot's best seller and hardly ever seen in the windows of the Authorised Dealers. I grasped at the chance to photograph this watch recently when it arrived at the local dealers - to ascertain the quality and overall looks. The photomontage will be released soon, in the mean time, here is a teaser cover image (click on it to see a bigger copy).


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The much awaited Master Tourbillon has finally arrived. The announcement of this watch caused a strong stir in the watch manufacturing community as it is the first of the top brands to produce the tourbillon in Steel to price it very much lower than the other brands - including some of its own pieces in precious metals. Many had wondered - with the published pricing and the design - that the tourbillon in this model will be a poor cousin to the high horological pieces respected by all serious collectors. For this reason, many had been eagerly waiting to see how the final product will turn out.
Fortunately for me, on Friday 3rd November, Mr Ng Teng Jaw met me at the Hour Glass Millennia Singapore with his Master Tourbillon on his wrist. He offered to let me photograph his watch and I gladly agreed. Personally, I was very pleasantly surprised at the watch as it is wonderfully finished and the overall balance is quite well done. The details were not found wanting and the aesthetics on both the dial and movement side are both great. Rather than use words to describe the details further, have a look at my photographs and consider yourself whether this timepiece is worthy to be seen as a high horological timepiece.
CLICK HERE to view the photos. Hope you like the photos as much as the watch!


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Read a wonderful article by Su Jia Xian reporting his interview with Fabian Krone - the CEO of Lange & Sohne who was in town recently for the House of Lange exhibition. A wonderfully detailed discussion about the brand, its development and the future.

CLICK HERE to read the article published on


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