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While this watch is no horological masterpiece, Bell & Ross has successfully developed this new range of large square sports watches (46 x46mm) in a variety of guises for the collector who wants something altogether different.
In brushed steel, Titanium, PVD Coated or Pink Gold - the current range of these watches are low production watches even though they are standard ETA ebauche for its three handed, power reserve, big date and chronograph pieces.
The case work is outstanding and the legibility is top notch.
Often the demand for this watch far outstrip supply - especially the PVD versions and
the limited Orange range. These watches are actually quite manly on the wrist even though they may look ridiculous on first glance off the wrist. Somehow on a good sized wrist the watch accentuates the forearm.
For the night out to town - spotting this watch is easy and its funky. Rumour has it that the PVD case production will be reduced or even cease for this range. The new additions will be 42x42mm coming out soon. Will that be even more successful?
Wait for it as it will be released quite soon.
(Click on the images to see larger versions)


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An awesome, rare and very limited timepiece - the DR Grand Sonnerie arrived here in Singapore and I was invited to photograph it. This watch listed at a cool S$1.1million has truly a beautiful chime to it. After having photographed this monumental watch, I managed to collate the photographs into a short movie as well as a slideshow for viewing.

To view the MOVIE - CLICK HERE.



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After several hours of processing the photos taken at House of Lange, I have published two sets for visitors to enjoy. The first is a photomontage of the House of Lange itself at Sentosa and the second is a short movie of the Richard Lange (also photographed at the House of Lange).

The House of Lange is a wonderful concept for collaboration between Brands and Dealers. At some considerable cost, both came together to bring about a wonderful exhibition that celebrates the wonderful quality that Lange is known for.
I have been a fan of the brand from the earliest days but this exhibition brought to me a greater understanding how much work goes into each of their watches.
While I may not like all the designs of the Lange watches (but the Datograph is one of my absolute favourites), I have to affirm the level of quality that the brand is known for. This exhibition, I am sure, has raised Lange's reputation with local collectors.

To view the photomontage of the House of Lange, CLICK HERE.

To view the wmv movie of the Richard Lange watch, CLICK HERE.


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The many years of extraordinary collaboration between the Lange watchmaker and Sincere watches has result in the leading German brand to host a wonderful museum and educational tour for collectors to view both the historical exhibits of pocket watches as well as current collections and also to see how three watchmakers ply their trade at Lange & Sohne. It began on 19th October and will end on15th October. This is a must see exhibition for all German watch enthusiasts. To register for the event, click here: SINCERE WATCHES.

To read the announcement material on this event, check out this REVOLUTION page.

If you are unable to visit the House of Lange in Singapore you can read a report by Mr Su Jia Xian during the tour organised for Journalists. Click Here to read his report.

I will be sharing my own experience of the visit shortly with my photographs so keep an eye out for it!


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A frequent visitor here Mr Jean-Jacques Subrenat just published a wonderful report on the Finnish School of Watchmaking. The previously little known school (outside of Europe) has a relatively short but successful history. One of their almunus is already a world renowned AHCI Watch Master - Kari Voutilainen. Mr Subrenat's very personal report of his visit to the school and interviews is a must read for all enthusiasts of hand made watches. Check out his report here: Kelloseppakoulu the Finnish School of Watchmaking


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Oddly enough, when Daniel Roth first launched their watches (many decades ago), I was quite taken by its high horology and its founder. However, I quickly found that many of its pieces were moulded too similar and while the case shape gave its distinctiveness, it soon looked overworked. However, of late I am enamoured by some of its pieces once again - and it really takes a lot for a brand to bring me back. My earlier report on the Athys was its first. This piece a Tourbillon Calendar is a truly handsome and manly timepiece on the wrist. A statement watch without the loudness of many others. I published several photographs of this watch taken in the Authorised Dealer's premises - hence please pardon the multicoloured reflections!

CLICK HERE to see the other photos of this watch which I published on


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This week beginning with 4th October, Breguet hosted cocktails each evening for guests and collectors. To view more of the black & white cover photos of the event, CLICK HERE.
To read the full report by Su Jia Xian with my event photos reported on - CLICK HERE.


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Here is a movie file of the photographs taken of the Z1. Hope you like it. To view it, click on the image.


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Its a great pleasure to present to you my photomontage of this wonderful watch. It was first shown to me some time ago by Mr Jim Seah and I was immediately taken by the tone of the metal and dial. I was surprised to find that it was a retrograde chronograph. The only such timepiece I know that has this function is the GO Panograph. This watch looks very handsome on the wrist.
The slate dial of this watch was quite a challenge to photograph but I managed to put together a few images for you to enjoy. Hope you like it. To see the photomontage, CLICK HERE.


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A good friend recently acquired a preowned Harry Winston Z1 limited edition to which he kindly allowed me to photograph at my leisure. A very handsome watch and wonderful acquisition from the Z series of watches. Probably the most affordable from the Z range. This is a watch that does not photograph easily due to the slate dial. Slate dials are notoriously difficult to photograph consistently due to the colour changes in the angle of light that reflects off it. Nevertheless, I managed to capture several nice images and I hope to put up the photomontage within the next few days. So keep a look out for it!


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Recently I attended a most interesting seminar conducted by the Sincere Watch Academy and delivered by Prof Nico de Rooji of University of Neuchatel. A thoroughly enjoyable presentation where I learnt how new nanotechnologies are being used developed new materials for use in watch making. A comprehensive report is found here - Unlocking the Silicium Code about how the development and how Silicium has been used in Ulysee Nardin and Patek timepieces.

Uniquely, the silicium parts are manufactured in similar process as would be silicon chips in wafer fab processes. At the presentation, Prof de Rooji showed us images of three silicium parts - the pallet fork, the hairspring and the balance wheel. The attraction of these materials is its performance under different conditions. In almost every situation it performs better than the current materials. It is quite clear that the cost of using these materials is still quite expensive today but it is expected to become widespread and cheaper as it can be manufactured in great volumes as well as providing greater tolerances and ultimately higher accuracy.

While I am excited by how new technologies is bringing new designs and providing alternatives to the watch industry, the issue for me - as I always have questioned this issue - do we truly need the added accuracy from new materials?
Is the watch industry driven to innovation for innovation sake instead of asking collectors what they really want? Has the watch industry embraced the nanotech materials without realising its potential threat?

I realise that silicium as it stands today is nothing like the quartz movement. But watch out - a fully nano machined watch is not too far away (pun intended!). Watch houses have to be aware that the new nanotech materials and soon in the near future, nano machines can bring about another dramatic challenge to the mechanical watch industry and it may not survive another challenge.

Why would I say that? History will show that within a short time of the advent of the full quartz movement, many watch brands could not survive the challenge from cheaper and more accurate electronic timepieces. Those that did survive had stuck to its guns to keep manufacturing quality mechanical parts and movements.

Nonotechnology and nano materials is much more insidious in that it is now creeping into the mechanical movements. If their use become widespread, many of the old materials and methods used for traditional mechanical movements may risk disappearing altogether. With the potential risk of disappearance of the art of mechanical parts and dependence on new material and processes, bit by bit the romance of hand made watch disappears.

I am in favour of developing new technologies to improve our lives. However, watch brands must understand the psyche of the collector. Mechanical masterpieces are considered as masterpieces because they are hand made and assembled by master watchmakers. They may not be perfect but they are built and put together with rare skills.

If the Swiss watchmaking industry makes the serious error of replacing expensive skilled labour with cheaper parts and manufacturing processes, no marketing in the world can bring back the lost romance.


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