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Finally, after hours of post processing of about a hundred images, I have finally completed my newest photomontage of the new MB&F No.1. I believe this is the first detailed portfolio of photographs available to the world of this very special and rare watch. I would like to thank Mr Max Busser himself and the Hour Glass for allowing me to photograph this fine timepiece. I hope you will enjoy the presentation as much I did photographing and preparing the presentation.

To view the photomontage, CLICK HERE.


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The Report for the MB&F Launch Dinner party has finally been published online on Su Jia Xian kindly provided the text for my photographs of the dinner at the Japanese Restaurant EN.

The event photos include many wrist images of the MB&F HM1 like the image here of Tay Kok Choon on the left. Here you will find the series of Wrist Shots.

For the whole report CLICK HERE. Thanks Jia Xian for the wonderful detailed report!


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This evening I had the very great pleasure to be part of a small intimate dinner hosted by Michael Tay of Hour Glass for Max Busser at the Japanese Restaurant "EN". The dinner report will be filed later by Su Jia Xian when I am able to finish processing the dinner photos.

Fortunately for me, I was also given the opportunity to photograph this impressive watch to which I will endeavour to prepare a photomontage presentation fitting for this watch. I hope you will be patient but I am very sure you will enjoy the photomontage when it is finished (I expect the presentation to be ready within the next week or so).

What you see here is probably the world's first non-stock photo of the MBF no.1. First modelled by Max himself (and a lady guest) in Black & White (above) and the following in its full glory in colour. Hope you like these! Just click on the images to see a larger copy.

BTW - Tonight was the first time I met Max in person and I must admit he is most charming and full of charisma. It was wonderful to talk watch with him and I look forward to seeing him in Singapore soon! Thanks for sharing with us your passion Max!
(P.S. - Ian Skellern published a detailed report on this watch on Timezone. Have a look at the report which he named SUPER MECCANICA.)


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It took a long time to get this set of images published as I am becoming much more demanding of myself as to the quality of the photographs. This set of montage is unique as it shows two versions of the pink gold watch - a black dial and a white dial.

While this watch is not amongst the most difficult to photograph, the black dial version is indeed quite a challenge. To me, this version is quite an eye catcher and I felt I really wanted to embody the character of the watch in the presentation. The problem with black dial watches is that it catches shadows and inconsistent lighting very easily.

To me, this a very handsome and clever watch. For me it is easily the simplest and cleanest dial that has a perpetual calendar function. You can see that the watch is unique in many ways and as already highlighted with the image here, the back has a curved crystal which makes it so much more comfortable.

Do remember that this photomontage is of pre-production watches that are only 90% of the finished version. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Hope you like the photomontage. To see it, CLICK HERE.


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I was invited recently to photograph the pre-production models of the whole range from Moser (not prototypes but about 90% completed and some actually working). I captured hundreds of images of the Mayu, Monard and the Perpetual. The Perpetual being for me, the most alluring offering from Moser. This watch had been delayed for over a year now but fans of the brand have not forgotten about it.

The time and effort for the completion of the post processing and production of the presentation has been more than I had anticipated but I hope to have the montage ready by this weekend, and I am sure it will be amongst the best watch images I have published. I am looking forward to sharing it here.

In the meantime, here is an image to share with you what to expect when it is completed and published.

P.S. - I have had several emails from many asking me about my opinion about the Perpetual. I personally think that if Moser is able to deliver the watch as well finished as I had seen and photographed at the price first published, I am sure this watch will become a runaway success - and like many successful watches, it means fans may have to wait for some time to get one.


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Every year the Business Times of Singapore publishes a wonderful Watch Supplement (on the last Friday of August). As always - the supplement covers in great detail the release of this year's new watches at Basel and SIHH. This year, Mr Larry Wee the lead Editor of the Watch Supplement was most kind to use some of my photographs for several of his feature articles. Some of the photo he used in one article is found on THIS LINK.

To visit the site and read all the articles in the Supplement, CLICK HERE (please note that this link will allow free access only after 6pm Singapore time or 1000hrs GMT).

Of the many wonderful articles found in this supplement, Business Times (through the help of Mr Larry Wee) has granted me permission to republish two outstanding articles by Su Jia Xian. The young but very talented Mr Su is already a well published writer on al things horological and in this supplement, two are most notable.
The first profiles Mr Kari Voutilainen, an independent watch maker (whose watch I profiled and present in photos here earlier). The second article asks how Singapore can become a watch hub for the region where he interviews several local prominent watch collectors including yours truly.
Have a look at the Supplement if you did not have the chance to read the hard copy. It very compelling reading for any collector.


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I recently chanced upon this exquiste watch. At first to me, it looked like just another Daniel Roth but there were initial tell tale signs there were something more about this watch. First was the larger than usual case size, then the unique subseconds dial. Then when I turned it over, I was taken aback by the movement. It looked distinctly familiar and when I carried out some checks, I was astounded to find out that it is my all time favourite old IWC Cal 98 that was intended for the Portuguese jubilee series. Apparently a small handful of these movements were found in the Daniel Roth stock of movements. Cleverly the company refinished the movement and even got parts from IWC to put them into their new Athys Limited Edition models.
In this classic model, the Athys 108.Z is limited to 35 pieces (in all metal variations). This is a collectable Athys (of which there are only 15 pieces in this white gold) is a prelude to the launch of an ‘entry-level’ product which I believe is the Athys II using the FP movement.
To view the photos of this watch and the wonderful IWC movement - CLICK HERE.


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In addition to the photomontage of the JLC Gyrotourbillon, here is the Video file of the exquisite Gyrotourbillon cage movement. The multiplane rotation of the tourbillon cage is something truly to behold.

To view it, CLICK HERE. Its a 2mb file, so please be patient during download.


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