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The all new escapement that needs no lubrication will be first launched in the Tradition of Excellence Cabinet No. 5 is a Millenary Perpetual Calendar with deadbeat seconds and power reserve indication, a limited edition of 20 pieces. The watch features a huge platinum 47mm case, 323 components, 42 rubies and a seven day power reserve. Based on the publicity shot above, this watch is going to be a winner. To read more about it - click on the Europstar link below.

Audemars Piguet New Escapement


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The MIH watch company - or Musée International d'Horlogerie at La Chaux-de-Fonds is a watch that struck all the right chords with me. My personal preference in watches has always been understated designs that cloaks complex features that the owner or afficinados only knows about. Very much like BMW M5. For me, this watch in its very Germanic like designs epitomises this design philosphy. It's simple dial design hides its Annual Calendar and monopusher like Chronograph functions. Whilst the base is a popular Valjoux movement, for me that does not detract the wonderful concept in decide and delivery of the watch. To read a wonderful report on the watch by Magnus Bosse, click on the photo.
You can also read a short report on the watch by the watch magazine Revolution by clicking here and clicking on "Revolution Recommends".


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Just published is the exquisite Breguet Tourbillon with retrograde counters for power reserve and 24 hour counter. This watch is a very fine example of what top watch houses can accomplish when they put their resources into a timepiece. Have a look at the photomontage and you will appreciate the fine finishing quality and overall finish. A watch that will grace with pride in any serious collection.

CLICK HERE to see the photomontage.


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As an experiment, I have created a Windows media video movie out of my photomontage of the VC Jubilee. With this movie, the whole production now has a downloadable file (albeit huge at about 8MB) with music accompaniment. Hoping to find out if this is a more interesting and entertaining way of deliving my watch photography. CLICK HERE to view the movie. Make sure you double click on the movie to view it FULL SCREEN.
As the file is huge, please be patient if you are not on broadband.


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I had been informed by visitors here that my video of the Sinn U1 on wrist had somehow disappeared. Here it is again and hopefully it will stay on this site! Click Here to View.


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Watch out - for my photomontage of the beautiful Breguet Tourbillion. A classic collectable tourbillion with Breguet's signature case, dial layout and material and finishing. Come back soon to view the montage of a truly beautiful timepiece. You won't be dissappointed.


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A very kind friend and fellow Purist loaned this wonderful watch for me to photograph. I tried to do justice to the watch but somehow I feel I am not able to convey the wonderful balance this watch. The dial is mesmerising and the white gold case, exquisite. I hope you like the photographs here.

Click on the photo here to launch the Photomontage. Hope you like it.


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Ian Skellern in his usual wonderful style and photography reports on the opening of the new JD Boutique in Geneva. The three page report also showcases the launch party as well as the stunning new watches for ladies. The new watches continues with the JD signature design with embellishment of jewels to adorn the wearer with some bling. What is most subtle is that women's designs appear to have the watchcase size increased considerably. But this fashion change does not odd or seem out of place at all - judging how the models are able to carry it off. To read the report, just click on the photo!


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Earlier this year Parmigiani won the prestigious Watch of the Year 2006 in Japan. Awarded by a jury made up of the most eminent specialists in the field of horology as well as those of fashion and culture, this grand watchmaking prize rewards the year’s most noteworthy accomplishment. Congratulations Parmigiani! Well deserved award for the daring design. Read the Europa report by clicking on the photo of the watch.


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In a excellent report by Mr Ian Skellern on the full of wonderful photographs, Parmigiani launched a new range of ladies watches in style. Typically with a grand festival of hot air balloons in winter Swiss Alps. The beautiful hot air balloons in the Swiss Alp backdrop was a fine way to make a classy statement. Click on the photograph to be transported to the report!


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